A Day in Dublin

I am thrilled to be spending the next 2 weeks in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the U.K.! Today, we spent the day touring through Dublin. We were all a fair bit jet lagged, so we just did a few things!

Clontarf Castle

This is Clontarf Castle, and it’s stunning! It dates back to 1172, and it’s now converted to a modern hotel on the inside with a few restaurants and an event space. Can you imagine a summer wedding here?!

The grounds are absolutely stunning! All the florals are beautiful, and everything is extra green!

Boxty House

We had dinner here, and it was so delicious! We started with a charcuterie board, then some house salads, and our main course was Irish beef stew. Y’all, it was amazing!!! Then, our last course was literally the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted…. bread butter pudding 🤤

Grafting Street

After dinner, we took a stroll through Grafton Street which was pretty great!

Shops on shops on shops …

We did a LOT of window shopping haha and it was totally fab! The streets were filled with people dancing and playing music. We came across the cutest 12 year old music artist. He was singing his heart out to Adele, and honestly, somebody needs to sign him stat!

Beautiful sites, left right and center!

Stephen’s Green

I found a beautiful park across from the shopping area. (Above) and when I turned around, snapped this pic below:

Cathedrals on Cathedrals

There are beautiful churches and cathedrals everywhere…. like so stunning!

Bewly’s Grafton Street Cafe

I’m standing in front of a delicious, extra fancy cafe and bakery! Seriously, so picturesque and tons of options for tea and desserts!

Wow, we are having a blast! This day was so fun, and it was really easy. If you’re ever in Dublin and only have a few hours, your could totally hit all of these stops!

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