Long Flight Travel Essentials for Ya Carry On!

Hey! Sitting in the airport with my plastic bag of travel essentials and thought I’d share the goods with ya!

First things first, all liquids must be 3.4 oz (100ml) or less, AND they need to be in a clear plastic baggy.

I use sandwich bags because honestly it’s cheap and easy.

On long flights, bring a mini facial cleanser and moisturizer. Either halfway through or close to the end, give ya face a scrub and replenish your skin with some much needed hydration. These 2 drunk elephant products are some of my faves right now!

This is more of a beginning and mid flight thing. It’s basically just water haha but apparently it’s moisturizing. On long flights, my hair gets oily and my face gets dry, so this fixes the face issue, and my trusty dry shampoo (below) fixes the hair problem!

I’m a mascara guru, so I always have this in my bag regardless of flying or traveling.

Also, if you have baby eyebrows like me, it’s important that they all go the right way haha so I keep a little brush in my bag for touch ups.

This is great for getting the grime grime from the airplane air off your face. Preferably between the cleanser and moisturizer.

Also, idk about you, but every time I’m planning to be in cute travel pics, my face breaks out like crazy. So this little serum is a lifesaver. Put it on whatever blemish you have, and within 24 hours, its noticeably smaller!

After about 5 hours on a airplane, I wanna shower haha but that’s not an option… honestly, something as simply as reapplying deodorant can be so refreshing. Secret has this baby sized deodorant that’s so easy to travel with.

Lastly, headache relief. These taste absolutely horrible, but if you’re in a pinch, it might just be the trick to stopping that headache.

That’s all for now! I’ll be traveling through Dublin, London, Whales, and Belfast the next 2 weeks. Can’t wait to show you all the cool places we find! I’ll do a few other hack-posts about outlets and currency tricks, also the beloved packing tricks haha

See ya! ✈️

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