World Missions Outreach + Feeding the 5000: The non-profits that changed my life forever are now asking for your help

Good morning!

I’m writing this blog post from the coziness of my home, wrapped in a warm blanket and sipping on a nice cup of coffee. This is the way I like to start my day, both here at home and abroad in whatever country God takes me to.

Over the years, God has taken me to Nicaragua probably 10 times now, and this is how we start our mornings… 3 girls, huddled together over our cups of coffee with our team of college students or church members, planning out our day with the kids. It’s my favorite moment of the day because it’s where the magic and miracles begin. It’s the time when we intentionally make real plans for real change. It’s the time of day when our motivation is at its peak, and we sit there, piece by piece, putting on the whole armor of God so that we can give the children in Nicaragua every part of our hearts.

Every year, World Missions Outreach provides 5.4 millions meals for impoverished children in Nicaragua. Feeding the 5000 helps by providing bowls in feeding programs where the kids don’t have easy access to these types of luxuries.

This past year, our worlds were shaken when the founder of WMO was tragically and very quickly gone from this earth. While we celebrate his life and the fact that he IS walking the streets of Heaven, we also celebrate his legacy. Those three girls now sit on our beds, in different cities, sipping our coffee and wracking our brains on how we can continue the incredible work of Larry Sowards.

One way that we have done that is through T-shirt campaigns, and to date, we have raised around $2000 just from selling T-shirt’s in an online platform. In America, $2000 can buy you a used car, a couple of phones, or a luxury handbag. In Nicaragua, it can buy you 8000 bowls, or provide 4,000 children with a hot meal and a new bowl.

We are on the last day of our current campaign, and I think you’ll love the design of this limited edition shirt. It’s the first time our 2 non-profits have been on a shirt together, and we are thrilled for the impact our donations and profits are going to change lives.

To be the change this world so desperately needs, Shop the link below:

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