The Top 5 Things in My Beach Bag

The Beach is one of my favorite places to spend the day, and I feel pretty confident in my beach bag packing abilities after years of figuring out what to wear, what to leave behind, and all those fun things! These are my TOP 5 things to toss in a beach bag on your next vaca to whatever sunny destination fits your fancy!

1. A September & Co. Kimono

I don’t remember the last time I went to the beach without a September & Co. kimono or dress or something in my bag to keep my style on point. They always carry the best looks, year round… and word on the street is that their Spring collection is starting to come in! Shopping with them is super fun via their Facebook Page or in store at 2885 Jones Franklin Road in Raleigh, North Carolina.

2. A GOOD Magazine

I stopped buying magazines a few years ago because I was so bored with the same thing all the time… gossip over this couple and secrets about another. BUT, on my most recent beach trip, this little beauty caught my eye, and my opinion of magazines has changed. The March 2018 issue of Elle Canada is full of GREAT content that goes beyond drama and gossip and really pushes you to think carefully and live purposefully. A good read on the beach is always a winner!

3. Pure Coconut Water

Really, you can just grab your favorite beverage, but since mine is coconut water, naturally that’s what I picked! First, let’s talk about that taste… it’s definitely acquired, but I promise if you drink enough, you will start to like it. Next up, can we discuss the health benefits?! It’s known as the “natural sports drink” because it’s packed with electrolytes which hydrate you faster and keep you hydrated longer. Naked Juice and Vita Coco are my 2 favorites!

4. The Perfect Shades

I recently discovered a Nora NYC sunglasses on Instagram, and I love all the funky styles they have to offer! These are the Washington Heights Shades, and they are definitely my beach sunglasses.

If you shop there, be sure to use my code: NewShades for 10% off your purchase!

5. My Favorite Flip Flops

A good pair of comfy, waterproof sandals go a long way when planning a beach trip. I have worn the same flip flops for 3 years, and they just never seem to get old. Tory Burch had a promotion where the flip flops were free with a purchase… I bought the bag, got the shoes, and never looked back!

Of course, these 5 items are just the basics… you’ll need some sunscreen, your ID, a little cash, and friends… duh!! These are the first things I pack though, and they’ve never failed me yet!

– the Wife

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