International Woman’s Day + The Authentic Woman Book Launch!

Hello friends!!!

Today is a BIG day for us here at Eat Pray Wife 1. because it’s INTERNATIONAL WOMAN’S DAY! Whoot Whoot!!!! Yasssss!!!! Gosh, we love a day dedicated to women all over the world for being phenomenal at being women haha seriously though,  today is HUGE! The very fact that we get a day dedicated to God’s glorious creation of women is spectacular, and I am so honored to have met tons of phenomenal women throughout my life both at home, during all of my travels abroad, online with you all, and at various events and functions! I have just one thing to say to you: YOU GO, GIRL!

It wouldn’t be an Eat Pray Wife blog post without a million pictures hehe so I’ve prepared a lovely slideshow for you all with photos of some of the amazing women God has allowed me to meet along this wonderful journey of life!

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In addition to International Woman’s Day, we have more HUGE news to share with you, and this may be the biggest secret I’ve kept from you all, to date… So, here goes!!!

We are so incredibly excited to announce the official launch of Volume II of The Authentic Woman Series: Bravery Rising!! First off, this interactive book series is phenomenal! We are still completely over the moon with excitement and so humbled with the honor of writing a piece for this publication!

My piece in the book is titled “Chains are Meant to be Broken”, and I share a bit about my journey of perspectives from a victim to a survivor and from being fearful to stepping out in bravery to overcome my deepest fear. That’s all I can share with you here, but you can order your copy of the book through this link! Use code EATPRAY20 for a 20% discount on the book, and be forever changed by the stories and inspiration from this book! Here is one of my quotes from Bravery Rising.

Lindsay quote.png

Enjoy a sneak peak of the cover!! Isn’t it gorgeous?! I have to tell you though, my favorite part of this whole experience is knowing that over 20 women poured their heart and souls into making this Volume all that it is! I am forever humbled and grateful to have been a part of this journey!

Learn more about The Authentic Woman Series and Volume II Bravery Rising below. There is an excerpt straight from the creator!

Bravery Rising 1

The Authentic Woman is an interactive book series that is awakening the confidence,
identity, and bravery in women. It empowers women to live authentically as
themselves, discover their purpose and be a catalyst for positive change in the world.
This is so much more than just a book. It’s an interactive book series that is
specifically designed to create lasting impact by providing prompts for reflection and
immediate application. Think book meets magazine meets self-help guide! It’s
compiled of real women sharing real stories because authenticity is kind of their

Volume II, Bravery Rising, rests on the premise that each of us carries boldness,
confidence, and bravery at our core. It is hardwired into our makeup. Life isn’t lived to
its fullest extent without the expression of bravery. We aren’t able to walk in our
purpose and live at our highest potential without choosing to be brave. And yeah,
bravery is scary. It requires risk, failure, and courage. Bravery teaches us to embrace
failure – to look it in the eyes, observe it, learn from it, stand up tall and try again. It
teaches us that failure isn’t the end of the story – but a lesson learned.

This issue will empower you to overcome fear and become confident in your identity and walk in absolute, utter bravery.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and be sure to check out the book Bravery Rising. You can order it in hard copy or the digital version!!

– the Wife

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