Husband TakeOver + Small Groups

Hey y’all, hope everyone’s week is off to a good start! Today’s topic on Small Groups is something that has really played a huge role in our marriage, especially as newly weds. For both of us, small groups were a part of our high school and college experience, so when it came time to find a couples’ small group, we were both really open to the idea.

Our church, Elevation, has designed a small group curriculum that means the needs of just about everyone in the church. They have singles groups, married groups, guys, girls, teens, etc., and on our very first Sunday attending Elevation, we were invited to join a group. At first, we were still looking for a church, but after attending for a few weeks, we decided pretty quickly that 1) this was the church for us and 2) we would definitely be joining a small group.

We totally get that small groups may not be for everyone. But… we kind disagree. There are so many benefits to being around like-minded people, talking about common interests, growing together and bettering each other. Here are a few that we have come up with:

  1. Having a community of like-minded people validates and strengthens your convictions.
  2. Building a support system so that you are prepared when you need each other.
  3. Finding a place to grow and learn together because multiple perspectives expand one’s thinking.
  4. Being surrounded by people who have experienced life stuff before you as they can teach you what to (and not to) do.
  5. It’s a way to go deeper on topics and current issues.

Good relationships don’t happen on accident. We feel that small groups are intentional means to building relationships with people who can better you, and who wouldn’t want that?? Our small group has transformed our marriage in such a beautiful way. We feel so supported by those who surround us, and honestly, this is all that we want for you. If you have a church that offers small groups, we encourage you to look into that. If you aren’t in a church with this type of group, then maybe you could start your own. It’s really not as lofty of a project as you might think, and I am sure that you have couple friends who would also love to grow and learn together.

– the Wife

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