Husband TakeOver + Small Groups

Hey y’all, hope everyone’s week is off to a good start! Today’s topic on Small Groups is something that has really played a huge role in our marriage, especially as newly weds. For both of us, small groups were a part of our high school and college experience, so when it came time to find a couples’ small group, we were both really open to … Continue reading Husband TakeOver + Small Groups

Becoming One: Life in the First Year of Marriage

Evelyn Duvall developed the 8 Stage Model of the Family Cycle. The first major transitional stage in the family cycle begins with marriage. Marriage can be described with so many glorious words, but a less common description of marriage is a transition. Marriage is the transitional stage where 2 people leave their family unit to develop a new family unit. In North American culture, the transition begins with a … Continue reading Becoming One: Life in the First Year of Marriage