Husband TakeOver + Small Groups

Hey y’all, hope everyone’s week is off to a good start! Today’s topic on Small Groups is something that has really played a huge role in our marriage, especially as newly weds. For both of us, small groups were a part of our high school and college experience, so when it came time to find a couples’ small group, we were both really open to … Continue reading Husband TakeOver + Small Groups

Satan “the Enabler” vs. God “the Empowerer”

Hello Ladies!! Today, we are talking about how our situation does not define us. As much as we plan and prepare, things always come up, and sometimes those things are really big and totally stop us in our tracks or totally knocks us on our backs. Well, what do we do when that happens? We have 2 choices, really. Let that situation enable us to … Continue reading Satan “the Enabler” vs. God “the Empowerer”