Woman Crush Wednesday

Of all the creative hashtags out there, #WomanCrushWednesday is definitely my favorite! It’s great how such a simple and random act of kindness can make a woman feel amazing about herself. So many posts and hashtags are about personal gains such as popularity, upping the likes, or gaining followers. BUT #WomanCrushWednesday is 100% about celebrating someone else and making her feel great.

Why should we use this hashtag? It’s simple. We should do things for other people that make us feel good. If you’ve ever gotten the little notification on Facebook or Instagram that you were someone’s #WCW, you know that it makes women feel good. It’s like a little moment of “Awwwwwww, that’s so sweet!!!” If someone’s simple kind act can make you feel just a moment of greatness, then you should pass it along and spread the kindness.

It’s really sweet when your boyfriend or husband makes you their #WCW, but it’s a different kind of powerful when another woman gives you a shoutout. Women can be down right mean to each other, and only for the sake of trying to make themselves feel and look better. (SPOILER: That doesn’t work.) Here are 6 reason’s why women should #WCW other women.

  1. We want to empower women.Maybe, you think I’ve gone too far as to writing a post about hashtags and social media. While I value your opposing opinion, I humbly disagree. We live in 2016 where social media is a part of every day life for many people. It’s important that we learn how to use it in a way that empowers others.
  2. We want to enable women.Similar to #1 but with a little extra. Empowering women makes them feel like they can accomplish a goal. Enabling women teaches them how to accomplish that goal. When you #WCW, send a message that this woman is AMAZING and can accomplish *Insert Goal* because she is *Insert Attribute*.
  3. We want to support women.Are you sensing a theme here yet? Women are emotional beings whether we admit it or not. When we support other women, the impact is incredible. Why would you not want to take the opportunity to support another woman in her goals?
  4. We want to uplift women.This is truly to reverse the effects of a lifetime of women being torn down. Since the dawn of time, women have been belittled and treated as the lesser human. A simple kind word with a #WCW can begin to undo some of that damage and uplift her, even if it’s just momentarily. It matters.
  5. We want to encourage women.As a whole, we are getting better at this. With body positivity movements and a sensitivity to other’s thoughts and lives, we are slowly changing the vibe in our world. This is probably the #1 reason that I post a #WCW because I love to encourage my friends. If you have a friend who is in a bad spot, this small act of kindness can make a big impact for her self-esteem.
  6. We want to celebrate women.Thankfully, this is one that we can likely all agree on! Celebrations are kind of a thing, now. We celebrate everything from #NationalPizzaDay to #ValentinesDay, so why not celebrate the human beings who are making the world an amazing place? Yeah, guys make it a great place to live too, and maybe I’m a little biased…. BUT WOMEN ARE AMAZING!!!! We should be celebrating each other with each and every opportunity we get.

That’s all for now, and yes, I wrote this post on a Wednesday for a reason. I dare you to post a #WCW today. (and use a pretty picture… you’re supposed to make her feel great not frumpy. 😉 )


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