Healing: The Choice is Yours

There are many types of situations that require some form of healing. Breakups, fights with friends, the loss of a loved one, experiences of abuse, just to name a few… Although these situations differ incredibly, each one brings us to a state of need, and that is the need for healing. Healing is often thought of as something that comes with time. “Time heals all wounds” … Continue reading Healing: The Choice is Yours

When Faith Meets Friendships

Whether you are a person will tons of friends or the one who has just a few close friends, you can understand the different levels of friendship. Read on to see the categories of friendship, as noted by T.I.N.T. Frenemies: They are the friends you have a love/hate relationship with, and you probably compete with each other. Outer Circle Acquaintances: These are the friends you … Continue reading When Faith Meets Friendships

Woman Crush Wednesday

Of all the creative hashtags out there, #WomanCrushWednesday is definitely my favorite! It’s great how such a simple and random act of kindness can make a woman feel amazing about herself. So many posts and hashtags are about personal gains such as popularity, upping the likes, or gaining followers. BUT #WomanCrushWednesday is 100% about celebrating someone else and making her feel great. Why should we … Continue reading Woman Crush Wednesday

20 Meaningful Ways to Fill Your Time

  Maybe it’s a lazy Saturday or a daily boredom that you experience. Here’s a list of 20 ideas to fill your unused time, instead of binge-watching Netflix or killing it at those IPhone games 🙂 Purge your closet. Pull out anything that you aren’t going to wear and bag it up for donations. Google – “Outreach Opportunity in (insert your city)” and go with … Continue reading 20 Meaningful Ways to Fill Your Time

Eating Disorders: Look for These Signs

According to the National institute of Mental Health, 1 in 5 women will struggle with disordered eating at some point in her life. That means 20% of women are fighting a battle that isn’t regularly talked about in the media, or in magazines, or really at all. Teams are in place to help girls with these struggles, and different groups have tried to pinpoint the causes … Continue reading Eating Disorders: Look for These Signs