The Perspective of a Mama, 11 months Into The Journey of Motherhood

The Perspective of a Mama, 11 months Into The Journey of Motherhood

I can remember it like it was yesterday.

Weeks away from Baby Mav entering the world, and I was already afraid I would miss something. The worries I experienced in my earliest stages of motherhood had little to do with postpartum hormones and a lot to do with the concern that I was not being present enough and that I might miss something. Everyone around me was well meaning and constantly reminding me to “soak it all up!” “Enjoy this!” “He won’t be this small forever!”

These reminders were so kind because people were genuinely just trying to make sure I didn’t miss the most precious season with Mav. But boy did I worry. I loved infant tiny baby Mav so much and I leaned in as hard as I possibly could. I didn’t miss a thing. Even though I worried I would, I didn’t. I was present. And I was anxious that he would one day grow up.

Here’s the thing no one told me… it’s okay for them to grow a little. Be present now, and then be present then. Mav is far from that tiny baby newborn stage, and we are having so much fun. I do miss the teeniest days, but I wouldn’t trade these days that we have right now for anything.

My advice, for what it’s worth. Be present. But don’t stress over being present.

You won’t forget how special it is when they are so tiny. So just enjoy them while they grow, and when you realize they are getting bigger, enjoy that too.

I can honestly say that looking back on those first few months, I’m so grateful for the time I spent with Mav. We did everything together. I loved every moment.

The hard moments have faded into the background. The moments where I stretched and grew into a resilient mama feel like tiny badges of honour.

I remember laughter. I remember snuggles. I remember watching his belly to see him breathing. I remember that it was really difficult, but I mainly remember the gift of motherhood in those early days. I remember leaning on myself. I remember God sustaining me when I needed Him. I remember all the words of encouragement. I remember Mav’s first smiles, and the way I could calm his cries by just simply resting my face next to his. I remember the fits of crying and the way I learned to soothe him.

He learned to trust me.

I learned to trust me.

That’s what I remember.

If I could give myself one peice of advice in those weeks leading up to Mav entering the world, I would tell me to trust my mama instincts. It’s incredible how accurate they are. It’s the way a mama just knows what her baby needs. It’s the way she hears a cry and can interpret it right away. That’s the instincts that are born when your little baby first enters the world.

Trust yourself.

You were made for this.

Also, anyone telling you “just you wait”… I think they mean to say, “just wait to see, it gets even better!” I’m loving it right now, and Mama, it really does get better and better. This journey has not been one of disappointment. Mav is much bigger and far more developed, even a little independent at times. It’s wonderful. It’s the growth I never realized I would enjoy so much ❤️

⁃ the Mama


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