Merry Christmas: How We Celebrate at EPW

Christmas is my favorite, and here’s why 🎄

ears, I have had the joy and pleasure to begin my Christmas celebrations in the beautiful country of Nicaragua. We usually call them missions trips, but that’s because there isn’t a word yet for the feelings you get when your very existence seems “necessary” or “on purpose”. I’ve struggled with those thoughts for as long as I can remember, but when I get the chance to go down and serve these babies, I am instantly reminded that God did create me on purpose and that I do exist for a reason. I am forever grateful for World Missions Outreach and the outreach opportunities they create for little people just like me. WMO, y’all are the real deal, and I LOVE spending my Christmas Holiday with you guys. You remind me that Jesus truly is the reason for the season. You humble me, you teach me, and more than anything you love me in a way that shows me how to love others. Everything you have ever given me, you have taught me how to give to others, and those are the most invaluable gifts on the planet. Thank you for existing, for staying strong when reality was unbearable, and for never giving up on God. I’m over the moon with excitement for what 2018 holds for us as a team and a family. I love you guys with my whole heart ❤️

Then I get home, face the reverse culture shock, and my heart is refilled with the love from my American and Canadian families. My first night back, we had a “friends” party, and everyone brought all their babies which of course put me back in my comfort zone.

My mom also surprised me with my childhood dream of seeing the Nutcracker performed at the Carolina Ballet. What a dream!

Then Christmas morning came, and y’all, we have been trying to figure out a Christmas tradition for a few years now. My husband is from Canada, and his family does Christmas in Florida. My family is from North Carolina, and they celebrate right at home. It’s always been a little tricky knowing what the right thing to do it, and this year, I feel like we fell into the perfect tradition. Even though that meant being in Raleigh, we were able to have a Christmas morning to ourselves, and it was pure magic.

Our little family makes me so happy. Before even opening any of our gifts, my heart was already so full. I don’t know what I did to deserve the most incredible husband on the planet who constantly sacrifices and loves unconditionally, actually…. I know there’s nothing I did to deserve it. 🙈

Somehow, God just decided to bless me with the most amazing man on the planet. I am so grateful to share our Christmas tradition with our sweet little Duchess. This was our first “Christmas Morning” just kind of the two of us, and it was magic. Mom and dad were here with breakfast and coffee ready to go, but they gave us some time to ourselves to just share these special irreplaceable moments. It’s not about the stuff. It’s about the moments, and even though the Hubs hooked me up with some bangin’ gifts, he will always be the most precious gift of all. 🎁

Thanks mom for capturing these moments, thanks dad for creating the atmosphere, and thank you God for giving me the most understanding and loving family on the planet. I will never take any of this for granted. I’ve been told that I have a “charmed life”, but that’s not true. I have an incredibly blessed life that only a God like mine could provide. My heart is bursting with gratitude ❤️

Also, not gonna lie…. I’m totally diggin’ the matching Christmas jammies from mom and dad. I wasn’t sure I could convince Ryan to wear them, but there he goes again being such a good sport and look incredible cute in his little elf outfit 😉🎄🎅🏼

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