Israel + Day 6

Good afternoon, friends! I finally figured out what time I am posting for my friends in the Eastern Time Zone! Anyways, today is our 6th day on our Israel Trip, and we toured through Jerusalem, the Holy City!

Day 6: the Old City

  • The Knesset
  • Via De La Rosa
  • The 4 Quarters of Jerusalem
  • The Western Wall

Here are the photos that we captured today. We started out in formal attire as we met with many supporters of Israel in their official government building, the Knesset. Then, we headed to the Old City and toured through Jerusalem.

Me and the Hubs before our meeting at the Knesset
Standing in front of the Israeli Knesset Building
Street Shops on Via De La Rosa

Made a few friends 🙂
Walking on the streets where Jesus walked

This is the 6th landmark of Jesus’s path while he carried the cross.
Entering the Jewish Quarters

You may recognize our friend in the middle from our Thailand pics!
This is a panoramic view of the Western Wall and the Temple Mount.
In Israel, when you turn 18, you are required to begin training and serving in the Israeli military. This applies to both men and women. Interestingly enough though, the Israeli soldiers are not only from Israel, but many of them are from the U.S. and other parts of the world. Because of their Jewish heritage though, they move to Israel when they are 18 to serve their 2 years out of respect and honor to Israel.
Being able to spend some time here today was truly a highlight of this trip. I prayed for God to center me and allow me to hear His voice. I asked him to bless my marriage and my family. I prayed for wisdom and guidance, safety and understanding, and peace for the people in Israel.

I hope you will join me in prayer as the Israeli people face daily challenges that are not common in North American culture. Some of our readers are from Europe and Asia, and we also hope you will join us in prayer. This is my second visit to Israel, and the people are good. They are pure, and they are humble. We support them whole-heartedly and will continue to pray for peace in their communities.

– the Wife

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