Satan “the Enabler” vs. God “the Empowerer”

Hello Ladies!! Today, we are talking about how our situation does not define us. As much as we plan and prepare, things always come up, and sometimes those things are really big and totally stop us in our tracks or totally knocks us on our backs. Well, what do we do when that happens? We have 2 choices, really. Let that situation enable us to sit and sulk OR let that situation create a spirit of empowerment in us that pushing us to rise above.

Real Talks: Satan has given me many reasons to be angry, scared, beaten down and broken. But for every reason he has given, God has give me 10 better reasons to stand up, be strong, fight back and be happy. As long as we allow ourselves to feel broken and bruised, we remain in an un-useable state. God doesn’t usually use us when we are throwing a pity party for 1. Once we straighten our crown and remember who we are, God can use us for His glory again. Don’t you get it? Bad situations don’t have to cripple you unless you let them. When they do, we miss out on all of the amazing blessings that God has for us.

Satan enables us to feel sorry for ourselves. He thrives on those moments that knock us on our backs. He uses them to keep us down.

God empowers us to rise above and stand taller. He uses our brokenness to build character, resiliency, and ultimately to build an army of Wonder Women.

You take a girl who has been abused, neglected, confused, and forgotten. She has 2 choices. She can allow her situation to define her and enable her to be a broken woman who stays hurt and confused all of her life. Or, she can let her situation be the thing that empowers her and gives her something to fight for by standing up and finding her voice.

There’s this line in one of my favorite worship songs, and it says, “God makes broken things beautiful.” There are so many times when this verse has applied to my life, and maybe it applies to  yours today. No matter what you’ve been through, no matter what you’ve done, God can dust you off, stand you back up, and all He will see is a beautiful you.

I don’t know what you’ve been through in your life. Maybe you don’t think it’s really that bad, or maybe you do. Maybe you’ve experienced one of life’s most painful scenarios. Either way, I stand with you, a woman who will not let her experiences hold her back. I stand right beside you, empowered by the same God, as a woman who is good enough, who is strong enough, and who will do something that matters.

– the Wife

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