11 Things You Didn’t Know Your Apple Watch Could Do!

So, you’ve joined the Apple family and upgraded your timepiece to a tech-piece 🙌🏼 Now what?! Click and push and hope your new fancy watch will figure out how to work itself??

Here are 10 fantastic tricks that you might not know about your Apple Watch!

  1. Pay for Dinner – Double-click the little button on the right side of your watch, and watch as your credit and debit cards appear. You can scan your watch and pay for dinner, coffee, brunch, or anything that accepts ApplePay! (Be sure to add your cards in the ApplyPay App on your phone for this feature to work.)

    Image from Apple.Com
  2. Lose Weight – With the activity tracker in your watch, you can program it to tell you things like when to go for a walk and when you’ve been sitting for too long! Small practices like standing or walking can really make a big difference for your overall health!
  3. Keep appointments – I personally LOVE the calendar and alert feature on my Apple Watch Series 3! When setting events in my calendar, I program it to alert me when it’s time to go (using travel time), and I get a little *ding* from my watch as a reminder!

    Image from Apple.Com
  4. Capture the Perfect Selfie – With the new camera remote feature, you can set your phone up, walk into the frame, and tap your watch to take the shot! (There’s even a 3-second self-timer option!)
  5. Adjust your AirPods’ Volume – This handy little trick is the difference in trying to find your phone to turn down the music or just doing it with a single touch to your watch. Since AirPods don’t allow you to adjust the volume on the actual pods, this is a great hack!

    Image from Apple.Com
  6. Call/Text – Hopefully, you already know how to do these on your watch… but if you don’t, try it out now! The new dictation for the talk to text is phenomenal!!

    Image from Apple.Com
  7. Stay Zen – The Breathe app on the Apple Watch tracks your day and reminds you to take 1-minute breathers to adjust your heart rate and maintain a sense of serenity!

    Image from Apple.Com
  8. SOS Calls – This is most definitely my favorite feature on the Apple Watch. Since Apple added the SOS call to your phone where you can easily and quickly alert your police department if you’re in trouble, it also added this feature to your watch. This means that in the event of an emergency if you don’t have your phone, you can still get help! Alerting the SOS feature allows your phone & watch to contact your local PD and the contacts that you select for SOS notifications.
  9. Find Your Destination – That’s right! With the built-in GPS, you can use your watch for turn-by-turn directions to anywhere accessible through the Map application!

    Image from Apple.Com
  10. Take Your Memories With You – You can store up to 100 photos on the Apple Watch Series 3!! AND there is a face option that allows you to create a slideshow with 10 of your favorite pics!

    Image from Apple.Com
  11. Take Screen Shots – When you click the two buttons on the right side of the watch at the same time, you can effectively take a screenshot which is automatically saved to your iPhone.

Now, if you don’t have an Apple Watch, be sure to add it to your Christmas list!! What are some of your favorite features of the new Apple Watch? Share in the comments below!

– the Wife

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