On the 4th day of Christmas, the Hubs pulled out all the stops!

Hey there, friends! So this month, we are talking about Compassion, and here on the blog, I’m taking you through 25 Days of Compassion.

Just a recap… Day 1 involved a sweet co-worker lending a helping hand when mine were too full to function. Day 2 and 3 came as a combo deal with a shoutout on Shelby Johnson and Katie Garwood for their abundantly wonderful giving spirits. Now for Day 4 ✨

The Hubs

All the wives and mommas out there are totally going to understand just how fantastic today’s story of compassion is, especially in the hustle and bustle of this crazy season we’re in! Now let me preface this story with some background info… we have been traveling a lot lately (shocker), and our house looks like a tornado blasted through it…. about a month ago. We have been living in the aftermath, kind of ignoring the fact that there was weird black stuff growing on our shower curtain, and a few (cough… just a few) coffee mugs with aged beverage leftover sitting in the sink, oh and the laundry…. don’t even get me started. Needless to say, we were on the verge of calling in reinforcements because the mess was not only remaining a mess, but it was growing into something beyond what we had anticipated.

And yes, feel free to judge me. If having a dirty house some times (most of the time) makes me a bad wife, well then I guess I’m bad… Hubby doesn’t seem to mind, so I’ll stick with him 😉 So the story begins this morning with us both in a rush to get to work, climbing over piles of clutter here and there pretending not to notice, and I start rattling off lists of things I need to do over the next few days. The last list involved the house and how I was pretty embarrassed that it had gotten this bad. I wasn’t even talking directly to him just kinda going over what I needed to get done by Friday before I head out for a month.

Y’all. I never prompted him. I never asked him. I never hinted or suggested this to him….

I’m serious.

This was ALL him.

Can I tell you that when I got home from 2 hours of yoga and meditation (because maybe thats where I hide instead of cleaning the house…) y’all, he was bent over the tub scrubbing just as hard as he could, getting things to perfection. I was so taken back because here my sweet (completely exhausted) husband was doing what I consider to be my job – the heavy cleaning. He helps out regularly here and there, but scrubbing the tub is not a normal Hubs job in our house. Then, I start to walk through the house smelling all sorts of fresh cleaners and scents only to realize, he didn’t just scrub the tub. He literally cleaned from top to bottom (like a really good deep clean), he cleaned the entire house.

And this was after an incredibly stressful and long day for him at the office. Also, he’s sick, so there’s that.

It gets better… he had food prepared. Well, it was on the way… but it was another thing he crossed off my list so that I didn’t have to carry so much on my plate.

That is Compassion, y’all. Stepping up without prompting, and helping out in really uncomfortable ways (like scrubbing whatever was growing off the tub). My heart is so full, and I am so grateful for this beautiful man. Blessed beyond measure to call him mine ❤️

– the Wife

2 thoughts on “On the 4th day of Christmas, the Hubs pulled out all the stops!

  1. Omg …wooww ! Dr. Ryan just made the stakes go high up ! Guys out there better live up to at least half of Dr. Ryan 😜 so proud to be working under such a tremendous leader!

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