Yogurt + Strawberries 

Hey guys! Strawberry season is finally upon us, and we are delighted to see how many strawberry recipes we can come up with this spring! Today, we are just doing something easy with our strawberries to show how they can sweeten just about any afternoon snack!

We recently came across Riviera’s Petit Pot strawberry yogurt, and we are already in love 😍 It’s absolutely delicious, low in sugar and added preservatives, comes in an adorable mini mason-like jar, and goes perfectly with some fresh strawberries!

We decided to add some Kellogg’s Vector Protein Granola and a fresh strawberry to complete this yogurt goodness! It’s the perfect snack for mornings or afternoon. It’s guilt free and extra tasty! Don’t worry, we didn’t actually let our pup taste it hehehe she doesn’t do well with Dairy… but she has definitely enjoyed a strawberry here and there!

Hope you are enjoying the beginning of spring as much as we are! Drop a strawberry recipe in the comments below, and we will feature it on the blog! Also, don’t forget to subscribe and follow us on all of our social media pages for more EatPrayWife love!!

– the Wife

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