Our Favorite Travel Minis 

Hey there! Earlier this week, I shared with you how to pack for a trip in only a carry-on, and I referenced my love for “travel minis” many times in that post. Today, I’m going to share with you my favorite travel minis (a.k.a. Travel sized cosmetics and toiletries) in hopes that you will feel more comfortable with traveling lighter on your next trip!

Travel Minis 101

  • Get the good stuff. I don’t cheap out on my minis. Just because its travel sized and $ 0.99 doesn’t mean it’s worth it. Make sure you like the products you are buying, or don’t buy them at all.
  • Know you limit. I was recently surprised to learned that 4 oz. liquids can pass through customs. 4.5 not a chance. But it doesn’t have to be micro-mini to pass the test.
  • Purchase from different stores. In my opinion, Target has the mother of all travel sized sections. Fun fact: Canada doesn’t have Target. BUT there are stores like Shoppers, Walmart, various grocery stores that also carry minis. Also, check with your hair stylist to see what minis they are rocking. Most Aveda salons carry minis of their hair products 🙌🏼
  • Stock up early. Odds are, you will be running around doing a million other things before your trip, and buying minis will not be at the top of your to-do list. Whenever I see good minis, I buy them and put them in my “Mini Bag” in the bathroom to stock up. It makes packing way easier, and it’s like finding little gifts you had been waiting to use!

These are all the minis I’m carrying with me on my 3 week Asia trip. I don’t plan to run out of anything, but if I do, there is always somewhere to buy a few more minis. You’ll notice, I don’t skimp out on my toothpaste… even when I travel, I bring the duo whitening set. This is my little luxury. I’m sure you have one of your own. Maybe it’s a bringing a bathbomb or a larger size lotion. When traveling, I like my travel beauty routine to closely mirror my home beauty routine, and that’s why I stress bringing products you actually want to use.

This is a close up of my new favorite hair minis:

Now, keep in mind, I’m rocking a pixie-cut these days, so the amount of hair care necessary for my locks is much different than it was when I rocked 2 sets of full length extensions…

Hope you’ll check out some of these minis on your next trip, and if you are using some that you think are better or just different, please share in the comments! Have a great weekend, ya’ll!

– the Wife

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