Recently, I’ve been told that my husband and I were “Relationship Goals” and that I was someone’s “Wardrobe Goals.” A really sweet girl even told me that I was her “Life Goals.” These words meant more to me than the sweet girls may have realized. To be called “Goals” in 2016 is a pretty legit compliment, but more than anything, it’s a reminder that people are watching. It’s also a reminder of how important it is to promote a realistic life.

I had a conversation with one of my best friends recently on how social media makes our lives seem so perfect. Is that wrong? Some would say, Yes. Others would say, No. We met in the middle and concluded that it’s both. We all have people watching us and imagining what it’s like to be us. If our lives look perfect on instagram, twitter, Facebook, snapchat, and everywhere else online, that’s cool, but it’s even cooler to remind our “Followers” that life looks perfect on social media because we choose not to post about the imperfect parts of our life.

Be REAL, or at least be real about how there’s more to your reality than what you post. You don’t have to air it all out online. That’s not my style either… But if you’re going to leave the bad parts out, make sure people at least know that about you.

I’m writing this blogpost on day 4 of a horrible migraine. I left my house for the first time in 3 days which means I haven’t posted a cute picture of myself or tweeted a funny quote from hubs or really felt like doing much of anything. My lack of posting keeps my accounts looking fresh and keeps my followers and friends from seeing the “Bad days” I’ve had this week. But just know, that’s not my intention. I don’t like posting about that kind of stuff, because I usually just don’t feel like exploiting my rough days. It doesn’t mean that my life is perfect or that I’m trying to portray a perfect life. It means that I don’t post about every aspect of my life.

Let me reign it back in and leave you with a few pointers.

  • There’s more to life than goals.
  • Distinguish between real goals and fantasy goals.
  • Know the whole story before making it a goal. (Sometimes it took longer than you’d think to accomplish that goal.)
  • Understand that prefect isn’t real, and real isn’t perfect.
  • People use social media to highlight the good parts and usually leave out the bad parts.
  • Remember that hard work creates good moments. (i.e. You don’t wake up one day with a full blown career in the field that you love. You spend time working for it, going to college or classes, and building your career.)
  • Make sure your goals are worth striving for, and know that they are goals for a reason.

The same people who tell me that I’m their goals have no idea that they are my goals too. I’m so inspired by how my friends and followers love others, create amazing causes, and lead incredible lives. Even on their bad days, ya’ll are way cooler than me! So, just remember, you are all my goals because you are living real lives in the real world. Yay for being real and for being awesome. Work hard and become your own goals.


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