8 hour layover + the Great Wall

Hey there adventure enthusiasts and spontaneous travel gurus! (Was that too much?? Sry.)  We totally got bit by the spontaneous adventure bug while on our trip to SouthEast Asia, and it had us saying “Yes” to every adventurous opportunity! I’m talking weird food, holding tiny creatures, bathing with larger creatures, taking taxis in foreign countries with no concept of the native language… Let’s just say, … Continue reading 8 hour layover + the Great Wall

Avoid Jet Lag with These Tricks

Hey ya’ll, so we’ve been around the world and back in the last couple of weeks! I can’t wait to share our adventures with you! This trip was full of adventurous food, spontaneous God Moments, and friends who became family. Personally, it felt like EatPrayWife was a little bird sitting on my shoulder during the entire trip because everything that happened, I was like.. Oh, … Continue reading Avoid Jet Lag with These Tricks

Carry-On Essentials: What to Bring & What to Leave (Long Flight Edition)

Good afternoon, lovelies! If you clicked on this post, it’s likely that you are planning ahead for your next journey.. Or maybe you are sitting in the airport hoping it’s not to late 😉 Either way, the airport shops probably have everything on this list, so you should be set no matter how prepared you are feeling. I’ll keep this one short, since our Jet … Continue reading Carry-On Essentials: What to Bring & What to Leave (Long Flight Edition)

Our Favorite Travel Minis 

Hey there! Earlier this week, I shared with you how to pack for a trip in only a carry-on, and I referenced my love for “travel minis” many times in that post. Today, I’m going to share with you my favorite travel minis (a.k.a. Travel sized cosmetics and toiletries) in hopes that you will feel more comfortable with traveling lighter on your next trip! Travel … Continue reading Our Favorite Travel Minis 

Packing in ONLY a Carry-On 

Hey you precious over packers! As an experienced traveler and also a huge advocate of packing everything (including the kitchen sink), I’m here to share with you how we packed for a trip using only a carry on! I’ve read hundreds of posts, hacks, articles, etc. about people who can pack a million things in just a tiny suitcase. Since the Hubs and I travel … Continue reading Packing in ONLY a Carry-On 

What to Eat on a Weekend Trip in Montreal

Good morning, fellow foodies! Have you ever gone on a trip focused on one thing and leaving totally focused on another? That’s what our first trip to Montreal was like… We went there with a long list of sites to see, and we came back mainly talking about the food we ate. Of course, the sites were incredible and unlike anything I had ever seen, … Continue reading What to Eat on a Weekend Trip in Montreal