Healing: The Choice is Yours

There are many types of situations that require some form of healing. Breakups, fights with friends, the loss of a loved one, experiences of abuse, just to name a few… Although these situations differ incredibly, each one brings us to a state of need, and that is the need for healing. Healing is often thought of as something that comes with time. “Time heals all wounds” … Continue reading Healing: The Choice is Yours

How to Deal with Stress – Part 1

What is stress? “Stress is a fact of nature in which forces from the inside or outside world affect the individual.” – http://www.Medicinet.com Stress is not bad. The way we deal with stress can lead to bad results though. I’m providing a list of 10 tips to help deal with “everyday stress.” This is the stress that we all face from day to day. It’s the stress for which we … Continue reading How to Deal with Stress – Part 1