Toronto Eats: George Street Diner 

Ya’ll, at about 2:30pm today, the Hubs and I decided it was time to get out of the house and get some breakfast….lunch… ehhhh brunch. Yep, we were getting brunch.  We’ve been trying to explore the Toronto restaurant scene recently, and we came across George Street Diner. It was amazing. Everything tasted like it was made with love in granny’s kitchen. Seriously, even the bread … Continue reading Toronto Eats: George Street Diner 

Being Keto-Aware at Breakfast

Good morning, Everyone! Today we are talking about that funny little word that is floating around on the fitness websites… Keto-Diets. Now, first things first, I am NOT telling you to go on a diet. I have been on many a diet, and they don’t work. Well, they do… until you stop them. I’m not saying go Keto-Krazy… Instead, I’m hoping to share some Carb-Conscious … Continue reading Being Keto-Aware at Breakfast

Momma’s Breakfast Casserole

Good morning, ya’ll! Have you ever had one of those breakfast casseroles with the eggs, sausage and cheese that they bake in a glass bakeware pan? The kind that just warms your soul and soothes all of life’s problems?? My mother always makes those for holidays: Christmas morning, Thanksgiving morning, etc. Growing up, she would even make them for dinner sometimes as a Breakfast for Dinner … Continue reading Momma’s Breakfast Casserole