Love ‘em anyways

How do we deal with difficult people? And is "dealing" with them really the best approach? People are _________. a. Difficult b. Confusing c. The worst d. Often unloveable e. All of the above If you've ever had an interaction with another human being, you'll probably find the correct answer to the statement above to … Continue reading Love ‘em anyways


Your value has zero to do with numbers.

I played that game for a long time. Numbers on the scale. Numbers on the measuring tape. Numbers on my clothes. Numbers in my food. The calories. The carbs. The sugars. Counting all day long... And yet none of those numbers told the story of who I am, what my character is like, how dedicated … Continue reading Your value has zero to do with numbers.

Ryan’s Story: Miracles, Medicine, and the Role of Christ in the Recovery Process

I've only just recently processed the Event that put my husband in a wheelchair, then led him to a little scooter, then to crutches for 8 weeks and eventually to complete healing and the ability to not only walk but to run again. Sometimes, it feels like only a story until I look down and see the question mark shaped scar on his leg. He says it feels like it happened ages ago. But to me, it feels like it happened just yesterday.

Transparent feelings at the end of a very good, long day here in Nicaragua

It's 10pm, and we've been up since 7am. The sound of my alarm clock going off was so long ago, I've forgotten that it even happened. It has been one of those days that feels like 3 days. Even sitting here trying to recount the day, I'm having trouble not mixing up the events from … Continue reading Transparent feelings at the end of a very good, long day here in Nicaragua

15 Misconceptions About Eating Disorders & More on How a Formal Diagnosis Isn’t Required to Have Issues Related to Food

Last week was eating disorder awareness week, and it kind of pushed me to go for it with this post. I want to clear up some of the misconceptions about disordered eating. This blog post isn't just for the girls who have issues with food. It's for the parents who don't realize their kids are hiding food under their napkins at dinner. It's for the teachers who don't see their students constantly tugging at their clothes. It's for the friends who don't know what's going on, but they know somethings up.

Vichy Laboratories + Lift Active Collagen Specialist

Hey Girl, I just found one of the BEST anti-aging products on the market in my latest Influenster VoxBox, and I'm here to tell you all about it! I applied the product as soon as I opened the box, and my face is now smooth like butter! Finally a "Vichy Lover" thanks to the LiftActive Collagen Specialist! … Continue reading Vichy Laboratories + Lift Active Collagen Specialist