Mental Illness Awareness Week & Why This Should Matter to You

Mental Illness Awareness Week & Why This Should Matter to You

During the first week of October, we recognize Mental Illness Awareness Week; however, we should be recognizing Mental Illness Awareness every week. Check out the stats below to refresh yourself on what's happening in our world with mental health. These findings reference studies that were taken in the U.S.  64 percent of youth with depression [...]


Stepping Back: The Key to Self-Care

There are millions of articles and blog-posts telling us the signs of stress, how to know when your stressed, and why we are often stressed. We get it. We are stressed. We live in a stressful world, with stressful stuff, and we've learned to cope and deal with stress by accepting our stressful lifestyles are [...]

Life after a Loss: The 5 Stages of Grief

Things, people, substances, friends, family members, trust, relationships: All of these can be great, and all of these can be lost. Once something is lost, the grieving process begins. It's inevitable. It can feel unbearable. It can be unwanted. It can also be healthy, healing, and heart-mending. Elizabeth Kübler-Ross first developed the 5 Stages of Grief [...]