Watching You Become A Dad

I get asked all the time: how did you tell Ryan? Was he there when you found out?

Here’s how it all went down ♡

Telling a man that he’s becoming a father is a pretty big conversation. Like huge… and I took the responsibility very seriously. Before telling him about the first positive test, I took 4 more just to be EXTRA sure! I wanted to know 100% that what I was telling him was real.

We were at church that morning, having the best Sunday. The weather was nice, the dog was being nice, and we were in a good groove. He was out cutting the lawn, as I made dinner, turned on some nice music, and put on a cute little dress.

After dinner, I handed him a card that would ultimately explain how our lives were changing and let him know that he’s becoming a dad ♡ When he finished reading the card, he kinda looked up at me and said, “so…” and I told him to keep reading. He said, “oh I read it all… is this real?!” I nodded “yes,” and he immediately jumped up and hugged me.

He might say he didn’t shed a tear, but I assure you there were no dry eyes in the McVety home that night ♡ His reaction was absolutely precious and so perfectly matched to our excitement.

Getting to do this with my best friend, the person I love more than anything, that’s definitely the best part. I count him twice, when I’m counting my blessings. He’s everything I never imagined was even possible, and I’m so grateful for him. ♡

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