Listening to the right voice

Ryan and I have the continued conversation about God’s plan for our lives and our purpose on this earth.

One day, you can know exactly who you are, where you’re supposed to be, and the next day, you can be crippled by fear, confused by the world, and questioning if you’re still on the right track.

My husband said something to me a few months ago, and it stilled my mind and brought everything back into focus. I was in a moment of confusion and a little anxiety, wondering if I was “still on track” and honestly just battling some doubts and darts thrown from the enemy. Ryan said to “silence every voice that isn’t speaking truth and to only give life to the one voice that always speaks truth”.

I’m a listener, an observer. I hear what is said and often take it to heart right away. But not everything that is spoken is truth, and not every word is worth taking to heart.

In our house, we know the source of our truth. God’s word is the only one that deserves life and attention. His plan is the one we are seeking and living; therefore, anything spoken against that is just a distraction.

Y’all know I’m big on confidently “knowing your worth” and humbly “knowing your place”… the devil can feed on this, and he will make you think that you are in the wrong place, even when God has made a way for you to be exactly where you are. Though these moments are confusing, learn to silence every voice that isn’t speaking direct truth over your life. Listen to the One who has ordered your steps, and you will know if you are where you belong.

If you haven’t heard the song Jubilee on Spotify yet, it’s a tear jerker. When writing this post, it kept coming to mind, and I felt I should share. Link below ❤️

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