Tips from Esther: Knowing your place, purpose, and worth

~ No Wasted Potential Here ~

The key to reaching your highest potential starts by knowing 3 things:

Know your place 🦋
Know your worth 💕
Know your purpose ✨

As I read through the book of Esther this month, I’m constantly reminded of the importance of our self-concept.

Before Mordecai made the infamous statement {who knows if perhaps you were made Queen for just such a time as this} he made a jolting statement to get her attention…

He started by saying {don’t think for a moment that because you’re in the palace you will escape}

Esther’s story is one of excitement. It’s unpredictable, and everything seems to just fall into place, but it’s not that simple.

She knew her place, discovered her worth, and as a result, she lived out her purpose.

Just like Esther, we each have a divine calling on our lives, and just like Mordecai, we will face trials and hardships as we set out to fulfill that calling. Today, let me encourage you to know these 3 things: your place, your worth, and ultimately your purpose.

I believe our full potential becomes unlocked, when we understand all that becomes capable when their steps are ordered by the Lord.

Don’t waste your potential leaning on your own strength. Trust God, embrace His plans, and walk in faith.

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