Does God Have a Calling on Your Life?

My answer to this question is short, simple, and direct: YES.

If God created you, and He did, then He has a calling for your life. The better question, the more common question is this:

What’s your calling?

This is mine 👩🏼‍🏫

Many of us have been trying to answer that question our entire lives. We pray, ask God for guidance, seek advice from mentors, and observe peers in an effort to *be who we were meant to be*.

It often seems if you cannot state your “calling” in a few words, then you must not know who you are. Somehow we feel that a calling is equivalent to a title or a single role.

I don’t believe God’s calling on your life should be reduced to a single word or a catchy phrase. His plans over your life may not be as finite and direct as you’ve always imagined. In fact, He may have more than 1 task for you.

His calling may be so much broader than “being a ____”.

In a single role, such as that of a Pastor, you are a speaker, a leader, often a missionary, a counselor, sometimes a spouse, parent, etc. The calling is not just a job title. It’s the whole big picture of your role in your life, as God has called you to serve Him and further the Kingdom. God’s plan for your life may include a variety of “job placements” in various offices/roles/places as He uses the entirety of your life in your calling.

I’m unsure if everyone discovers their answer to the question “what is your calling”, but I know that what makes you feel infinitely closer to God is likely to lead you to your answer.

I still don’t know everywhere that God’s calling will take me, but I am confident He will continue directing me, pausing me, and placing me exactly where I’m meant to be in the exact moment that I’m intended to be there.

Right now, it’s here.

What is here? Where is that? Well, my “here” looks like this.

Professionally – I’m spending time serving students, assisting faculty, and being part of something so much bigger than myself.

I’ve never wanted anything more than that in a career.

Personally – I’m nurturing our marriage, aligning myself with other Christian wives, learning from them and growing together. I’m supporting my family by being available, listening more than advising, and loving them unconditionally.

Recreationally – Kind of a weird word haha but I didnt want to just write “hobbies”… I’m resting, reading, exercising, learning, and socializing. For the last year, I’ve tried to reposition my focus in this area of my life to be angled towards God. I’ve been trying to see Him in all of these areas, and I’ve been working towards honouring God here.

Spiritually – All of the above, plus working on my personal (non publicized) relationship with God. I’ve worked really hard to ensure that God is at the center of each “place” in my life. Not just at home, or in ministry, but I’ve worked to bring Him into my relationships, my “brand”, my social media, even my reflection in the mirror.

As for my calling, I’m glad He’s called me here. I’m grateful to serve alongside my husband in ministry working for the Kingdom of God. I’m grateful that so many members of my family also put God first, and I count each and every one of my friends as a blessing because I’m surrounded by women who honor God each and every day. My calling is to honor God in all areas of my life, and it’s a continual process. With this calling, I can accomplish it anywhere, everywhere, anytime, and around anyone. Some days, it’s as simple as honouring my marriage, submitting to my spouse, and being a supportive wife. Other days, it’s being willing to stand in front of strangers and proclaim the gospel. And there’s also days, many of these, where it’s spending hours behind a computer, inputting data and crunching numbers and algorithms to ensure the reach of our ministry isn’t being blocked by fixable “bugs”.

If you’re confused about your calling, I want to encourage you. I think the majority of the time, we all are. It’s been said before, and it will be said again: the key to finding your calling is following the One who is calling you. Remain true to who you are in Christ, and allow God to lead your on your journey.

xx – the Wife

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