Blogger Review: AWAY Luggage for Travel

I recently posted a picture on my Instagram of me standing at airport checking with a fresh set of AWAY luggage that I got for Christmas. (Thanks mom, dad, and hubs!!!) my inbox instantly filled with questions and requests for reviews, so here ya go! All my thoughts on this popular and insanely aesthetic luggage are below!


AWAY Luggage

Here’s a review on mine and Ryan’s sets of Away Luggage. I have the

Size & Weight

Carry-On Bags: The Carry-On at 21.7″ X 13.7″ or The Bigger Carry-On at 22.7″ X 14.7″. The difference is $20 and a little extra space. Because we find ourselves always cramming extra stuff in our bags at the last minute, we opted for The Bigger Carry-On for both of our sets. They also have a smaller version called The Daily Carry-On, The Kids Carry-On, and some other options include The Expandable Carry-On and The Carry-On with Pocket. Personally, I didn’t love the look of the pocket, and I would never put my laptop there. The Daily Carry-On seems good for commuters, but when we travel, it’s for like weeks on out. The Kids Carry-On is for sure in our future lol What I love is that literally, there is a carry-on option for so many different buyers. The weight on these bad boys vary, but The Bigger Carry-On is 8 pounds, and personally, that works for me.

Checked Bags: The Medium Bag is your standard medium size luggage piece at 26″ X 18.5″ (9.9 pounds), and The Large Bag is the standard large piece (I know, crazy) at 29″ 20.5″ (11.6 pounds). We both when with The Large Bag for obvious reasons… I like bring all the things haha There are options Expandable bags (adding 1.75″) for about $50 more, but we opted not to do that.

Customizable & Modern Technology

So many color options ya’ll!!! I went with light pink, obvi… Ryan went with Aluminum because he’s boujie…

You can monogram the actual bag or luggage tags. We both opted for luggage tags because the pricing made a little more sense.

The charging features on the carry-ons are honestly what attracted us to this line of luggage in the first place, so here are the deets on that. The chargers are the size of an iPhone – so relatively small. They will charge your phone from 0% to 100% 4 times before needing to be recharged. You can leave it in the bag or pop it out and put it in your pocket. When you check your bag, you can easily pop it out to comply with airplane regulations.

Design Features & Add Ons

So, I’m a big fan of aesthetics lol I’m a millennial, it’s in my blood! The have so many little additions to complete your travel kits. Like all the dividers, compartments, toiletry bags, and even small duffel bags that slide onto your carry-on handle… Talk about luxury travel… this brand will set you up for the most comfortable travel experience luggage has to offer.

Here are a few of the pieces that I’ve added to my set:

Packing Cubes: Pink, to match


Mini Bag: for toiletries


What ultimately scored this luggage a spot on my Christmas list?

Earlier this year, Ryan asked for the Aluminum Edition of the Away Luggage, and I got him the Large and the Bigger Carry-on (Charging Case) as a set. After almost a year of using the luggage, it’s still in awesome shape. Any time I travelled without him, I immediately reached for his luggage set. It’s so functional with all of the handy  pockets and dividers. My stuff never gets crunched or ruined, barely even wrinkles due to the shape of the bag. And those wheels… man, those wheels…. like butter! I’ve had my fair share of awkwardly rolling suitcases that were perfect when you bought them, and after a few trips, the wheels are wobbly. This is not that suitcase. The wheels last and honestly (like I’m being so transparent right now), the wheels on his cases are just like the day we bought them, and thank God, because they aren’t cheap. It’s a pretty penny for a set of this luggage, but it has already lasted longer than other bags we’ve bought in the past.

This luggage comes highly recommended from the Eat Pray Wife fam! Ya’ll, it’s good, my dad even got himself a set… and it takes a lot to impress him!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below, and I’ll be happy to answer!

XO – the Wife

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