3 Stores I’ll Be Shopping This Black Friday && Why

Hey there!

Black Friday is here, and if you’re like me, the last thing you want to do a rummage the racks and sales of every store in town 🤪

First, I’ve had the stomach flu for a week, so I physically would not last more than a few hours out there.

Second, I’m an introvert and tend to avid chaos when possible. (Not shopping Black Friday is possible)

Third, most of my Christmas shopping is done, and I don’t really need anything… so, the point of spending money on my stuff right now is yeah… pointless for me.


That’s not to say I won’t be snagging a few deals on things I’ve been waiting to price drop, or that I won’t finish off the few things left for Christmas.

Here’s the thing. You won’t see me busted down any doors at midnight this year because I’m probably in bed avoiding a fever from this dern flu… but you might see me around 2 in the afternoon, after most everyone has gone home, looking fully rested and showered picking up a few items 😂 that’s what I like to call – Black Friday Winning.

So, you’re here to know what 3 stores I’ll be shopping at today and why:

  1. Ulta
  1. Best Buy

  2. Lululemon

I’m a woman, one who wears make up and styles my hair regularly; therefore, it’s a wise decision to slip into Ulta with a realistic budget in mind. I’m literally going to buy the stuff I normally would by at a fraction of the price. I’ll also get a few gifts here since everything’s on such a great deal and my gal pals are always on the nice list!

Best Buy is always my go to on Black Friday and honestly throughout the year. They have the best deals, and I’ve got a few things I was already looking at buying. Seeing the sales that are on today has only confirmed that I’ll be buying them today! Also, my husband and I are total smart home geeks, and all their smart home stuff is on sale right now 😍

Lululemon is not cheap. Period. However, 5 of the people in my family wear their clothing, including the 2 under my roof… so, that being said… I’ll be buying stuff I would ordinarily be buying anyways and getting a great deal on it. I won’t lie, it’s still expensive on sale, but it’s not as expensive as it is full price, and that’s still a win.

AIn my insta story, I’ve shared all the little gadgets and items I’m looking at in store. I’ll post some items below!

– the Wife

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