Tour London in a Day: 13 must-do activities for tourists!

Alas, a trip we took 18 months that I’m just getting around to sharing! I must be having some travel withdrawals. I wrote this little gem in 2019 and found it earlier this week. Please remember all photos were taken pre-covid, like “pre” by several months!

I have major fomo (fear of missing out), so when it came to touring, we mapped everything out just perfectly to ensure we didn’t missing anything! If you’re like me and hate missing out, then this post is for YOU!

How to do London in a Day:

Brunch at The Landmark

If you can stay here, move brunch to breakfast and get an early start. They have the BEST omelette!

Check out the English Grammar School

The nerd in me totally geeked out over this place. 🤓

Find the Sherlock Holmes Statue

It’s tougher than you think but definitely worth the journey! Up the street, there is a full museum on good ole Sherlock

Grab a coffee at Jova

Great coffee shop with awesome little snacks! Very aesthetic and fun inside

Tour Buckingham Palace

Oh y’all know I thought I had died and gone to Heaven when the Queen came out and invited me in for tea …. oh wait, that didn’t happen 😂 regardless, it was amazing! Such a pleasant experience too!

Snap a photo in front of the Queen Victoria Statue

Yay Queenie! One tip I’ll give you, don’t toss pennies in the fountain… no one does that here 😂

Stop by Westminster Abbey

How gorgeous is all this architecture?? This is a great spot for some pretty iconic photos. This history is so rich here!

See the Marble Arch

Find the Arch in major cities is one of my favorite things to do! This one did not disappoint!

Go up the London Eye

Okay, so 1.) you have to do this. And 2.) you must get the fast pass! You can see ALL of London with a birds eye view in a cozy pod!

Hit up the Food Trucks on the Riverwalk

Maybe this isn’t year round, but it’s definitely a summer thing. So much good food and yummy snacks! Lots of drinks and fun spots for pics!

Drive over the Tower Bridge

London Bridge … I have always had a thing for a beautiful, iconic bridge! I was only engaged in front of one! 

Boat Ride on the Thames

I won’t lie, I wasn’t exactly racing to this adventure on such a chilly day,  but they suited us up in warm coats and sent us off! It’s a wonderful way to tour the city from the river!

Dinner over-looking the Tower Bridge

What a dreamy dinner date! The food was delicious, and the view was even better!

Of course there are so many things left off this list, and as soon as traveling is permitted again, we’d love to go back! We had a wonderful trip and think you will too!

xx – the Wife

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