A Few New Additions to Our Home

Good morning! Happy Canada Day, my friends!

We’ve recently been adding some small ticket items to our home to give it a nice fresh feel. I have ALWAYS loved houseplants and the use of greenery to add life to a room. In psychology, they teach us that the color green is actually a calming color and can help to reduce stress. I’ve also learned that certain plants can improve air quality in your home. Anyways, I don’t need a bunch of reasons to add plants and trees inside haha I just love how they look and make me feel, so I went with it!

In our living room, it’s basically white on white on white with a touch of grey. By adding in these plants around our fireplace, we’ve been able to bring more attention to the front of the room while keeping soft earthy vibes going.

I love our windows so much. They were a big selling point on this house for us. Without doing a thing, we had instant access to year round visuals of nature! We chose not to put in California shutters on this window (even though the company all but demanded we do it for “design our spouses” smh). I love all the green that peeks in through these windows! We decided to frame them with two mirrors that I picked up from Structube.

We did the same mirrors on the other side of the room, because well…. I like symmetry haha The giant hole between the mirrors kinda makes me cringe. We’ve made two attempts at filling the space with art, and it was not successful. It’s such a huge wall, and I want it to be filled with something we really love. I’m considering some shelving and maybe an eclectic collage of frames and art pieces??

I’m utterly obsessed with these plants though… I probably take a photo of them every time I sit in this room 😂 the tall tree is artificial from IKEA. The white flowers are also from there. The “Mother in laws tongue” or Snake Plant is real, and it’s supposedly great for improving air quality. (We don’t have an air problem, but it makes me feel like a smart home owner so…)

Walking over to our kitchen, you’ll find some artificial plants that I repurposed and took from our previous downtown loft to use here. I’m a HUGE fan of ivy. If Ryan would let me, I would cover our entire house in it… no, seriously…. I just love it.

The three little potted plants are also recycled from our last home. That’s the beauty of artificial plants. When we moved, I boxed them up, left them in a closet for a few months, and when creativity stuck, I pulled them back out. Good as new!

Last, but not least, I spruced up THE WINDOW! If y’all have read my other house posts on her before, you know how sentimental I am about this window. It’s where I hope to one day stand and see our children playing in the backyard. It’s where I get to do traditional homemaker responsibilities like prepping dinner and cleaning. (I’m a feminist, so shut up… I still like traditional things haha) but mainly, this window gives me hope that our tiny family will grow one day. That’s why I carefully selected this delicate little plant to sit by the window.

I call these my small ticket items because they most definitely did not break the bank, but they’ve made a real impact in these 2 rooms. I’m super happy with how it all turned out!

Next week, our kitchen table will arrive. We were gifted this for my birthday, and it has the perfect farmhouse vibe to fill the space between our kitchen and living room! Can’t wait to show you!

– the Wife

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