30 Summer Looks You Need for Your Closet Right NOW

I recently popped into my favorite NC boutique to check out their new storefront, and I completely fell in love with all the new looks they are offering this Summer!

Katie styles 30 outfits that are absolutely perfect for all your Summer outings and events.

Some of these options ended up going home with me haha Not even lying, it was hard to leave some of these items behind!! But that only means they are available for YOU to snag before they are gone!!

I’ll go through each style look and tell you about the feel of the fabric, any tips I have and some secrets (or perks) that might be useful!

Blush Top with Jeans and Sneaks

Perfect for weekends and being casual but “put together”

This top is SO soft. See how it’s longer and flowes. The coolest part is the back – pictured below.

You’ll see these jeans in a lot of the photos, so I’ll say this once – if you like distressed jeans that don’t squish your legs in a weird way when you sit, these are definitely for you.

Shoe – definitely bought them. Possibly wearing them right now 😂 So stinking comfortable!!!

Perfect Maxi – Blue

This belongs on the beach 🏖 but honestly, I’ll be wearing mine EVERYWHERE. Talk about a comfy travel dress….

Okay, so this is TMI, but I just got my first “wearable” strapless bra, and my life has changed forever. Linking to it here.

Due to the perks of strapless bras, I can now wear stuff like this dress above (which I definitely bought in black). It does GOOD things, people! It’s so effortless and easy.

The big perk on this dress is the straps are FULLY adjustable in length, and the back isn’t cut too low for a bra. See below.

Go get you a strapless bra, and then go by this dress. It comes in every color, also striped options! Here’s another gorgeous color below.

Floral Tank (wrinkle-free fabric)

This fabric gives me life. Basically, this top is perfection. You can throw it in a bag/suitcase and will be ready to wear upon arrival.

Perk: the armholes aren’t awkwardly big, and you won’t ever see your bra or strap or anything like that. Super smart cut.

Striped Top with a Little Extra

I love a good striped shirt, but sometimes, that can feel a little casual. This one can totally be a “dressed up stripe” top because of the ruffles down the sleeves. It’s really soft, and just a great fit.

The Paradise Dress

I love everything about this look! These shoes are a MUST! I broke my foot a few years back and have trouble with heels, but these were more comfortable than most of my flats if that tells you anything…

Also, this dress belongs in every closet this Summer! You will see a lot of Palm Leaf prints this season, and it just feels like paradise!

The Perfect Tee Criss Cross Edition

Pretty sure that Katie has helped me become the Queen of Casual Fridays lol This shirt is so flattering for literally EVERYbody. You can leave it like this or tuck it in.

I LOVE the back! Such a cute detail.

Perk: look at how the pleating makes it flowy. It’s not bulky at all. It just makes everything look better!

It comes in this gorgeous teal color too!

Vintage Polka Dot Dress and Demin Jacket

I walked out in this dress feeling like a queen! It’s so cute and has an adorable vintage vibe. The size of the polka dots is my absolute favorite.

Awesome Perks: the back is high enough for your bra to stay concealed. The back is also ruched, meaning extra room for those blessed in the chest. I fall into that category with an unfortunate 34DDD…

I’m wearing a Medium in this for reference. This style is offered in several different prints. Keep scrolling, you’ll find them 🙂

Playful Stripe Tank

I feel like this adorable tank calls for a food truck festival and street tacos! Like seriously, how cute is this?! You can wear it tucked out, but I’m kinda digging the tucked in look pictured above. The length is like “zipper level” on my jeans.

Tie Die Dreams Dress

I don’t usually run to tie die, but something about the subtle nature of the patterns in these dresses really appealed to me. I feel like this a look you could style so many different ways.

You can knot the front for a cute look if it’s a little long. The slit is high enough for just a little leg, but you won’t be tugging all day. It’s also a great fabric that flows but won’t like blow all the way up on a windy day haha

Check it out in blue below!


Obviously, this is an adorable t-shirt. Everyone can that. What you may not know is that because it is scooped in the front and back, it instantly takes like 10 pounds off your hips.

Trust me, the next time you are trying on tees, try this style and let your mind be blown. It’s perfect for curvy gals, and I think if you are a little shorter than me, this would possibly cover ya booty in leggings. Always perk!

Wild Child Leopard Dress 

How fun is this print! Love the tone of the tan in this. It’s super nice for all skin tones. The length is PERFECT! Skater style dresses can make my legs look a little chunky sometimes, but this one just hits at a nice length and isn’t too fitted or too loose.

Also, I’m a huge sucker for a v-neck t-shirt dress… Like it’s golden!

Black Flare Tank

I definitely bought this before even taking it off.

This tank is so soft. It’s super flattering, and it made me feel pretty. You know those shirts that just make you feel like you? Well, this is one of those tops to me.

The picture honestly doesn’t do it justice lol It’s so gorgeous!!!

Nature Pockets Dress

Remember the polka dot dress? This has the same strap and back rouching features.

AND it has pockets, so basically, sold…

Check out another version in yellow! How gorgeous is my bestie!! See below:

The Hug Shirt

Allow the title to reflect on how this shirt makes me feel. I looked at Katie and laughed… I said, “This shirt just feels like a hug!”

The fabric lays so nicely and is a little heavier, so it just honestly felt like I was being hugged, but in like a super safe space kinda way haha It gave me a similar comfort to that of my weighted anxiety blanket.

This is also a wrinkle-free fabric, so… you should probably go ahead and buy it for your next trip!

Stripes and Buttons Dress

Of the four dress I tried in this style, I think this one is my personal favorite. Something about light grey and white stripes on a nice crisp fabric just gets me every time.

Straps – fully adjustable.

Back is ruched for more room in the bust.

Striped PIKO

Again, this girl LOVES a Piko! That’s the label of this top. You can do so many things with this top. Tuck it, twist it, tie it, leave it… I mean your options are endless.

Bright PIKOS

Katie found 2 of the brightest, cutest PIKOs I’ve ever seen, and they are gorgeous! The bright blue was honestly a dream.

Pictured below is “Watermelon”. It’s less red in person and literally looks like a watermelon flavored starburst!

Sunny Flowers Dress

I liked this a lot more after putting it on. The placement of the print and each flower is genuis.

Fabric is super soft. Throw a cropped denim jacket over this, and it would be perfect for even a chilly day!

Again, these shoes ya’ll… NEED.

Jumpsuit Lovin’

If you know me, you know I can’t pass up a good jumpsuit!

The stripes in this go the right way haha bottom line. I love a good horizontal stripe! This is so cute. I would wear this on vacation, to the office, an outdoor function.

Perk: It’s wrinkle-free!!! Yasss!

Yellow Stripes Vneck

When I was younger, someone told me I should never wear the color yellow because it would wash me out. I told Katie I shouldn’t model this because yellow didn’t look good on me.

She laughed and told me to put it on. Whoever said blondes can’t wear yellow lied.

This is so cute and the color is nice and soft! Absolutely love this. The 90’s kinda vintagey vibe this gives off makes me so happy!

Striped Tees and Palazzo Pants

Hi, my name is Lindsay and this is a Public Service Announcement:

Go buy these pants and thank me later 🙂

I like could NOT take these off. They are so comfy, so flattering, and just all the good things you want in your Summer outfits!

See Navy Below:

Not a Plain White Tee

The moment I picked this up, I knew it was going home with me. This top is double lined in the top half, meaning your bra lines wont shoe through like EVER.

The white is a nice creamy color, great for all skin tones.

The ruffles are just so stunny, and the fabric is so soft. Love the length, definitely wearable with leggings.

Speaking of leggings – Katie has found the coolest distressed black leggings I’ve ever seen!! See below:

Ahhh what a dream, right?! Stop by September and Co. to check out their new storefront, grab a latte, and pick up some awesome Summer looks!

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