Vichy Laboratories + Lift Active Collagen Specialist

Hey Girl, I just found one of the BEST anti-aging products on the market in my latest Influenster VoxBox, and I’m here to tell you all about it! I applied the product as soon as I opened the box, and my face is now smooth like butter!


Finally a “Vichy Lover” thanks to the LiftActive Collagen Specialist!

Here’s my skin story: I’ve been using anti-aging products and wrinkle cream since I was 13. I’ve also spent thousands of hours in the sun, under tanning bed lights, and all while never wearing sunscreen. The end result of my life choices – early signs of wrinkles and aging. It doesn’t matter how many creams and lotions you use over the years. If you don’t protect your skin from the sun, it will become damaged.

So, I’m 27, and approaching an age where it’s now “socially acceptable” to wear wrinkle cream, and I’m just laughing because I don’t have to reach far. My bathroom counters are stacked with anti-aging this and wrinkle reducer that. I’ve never been afraid to walk up to the check out counter with a basket full of blemish fixing creams, masks, and lotions. I just don’t get embarrassed about these things.

What I do get embarrassed about is the fact that I’ve been using wrinkle cream since I was 13 and I can already start to see “forehead lines”, “crows feet”, and “smile lines”. Now, I don’t mind cute smile lines, but those crows feet gotta go, and when did my forehead decide it needed lines?!

Thankfully, I am very blessed and OH SO grateful to have some really great friends who live in the beauty industry. They are the real winners. For years, these experts have been telling me to wear sunscreen, and for years, I have not been listening. And now, I fear it’s too late…


BUT it’s never too late to reverse the effects of sun damage!

I mean, theoretically, there might come a time when it’s technically too late to fix a wrinkle without any type of intrusive surgeries or fancy, expensive procedures (which I’m not really looking to do), and until that time comes for me, I’ll be sticking to awesome products like the Vichy LiftActive Collagen Specialist!


{I received this product as a #complimentary product testing campaign in partnership with @Influensterca – All opinions and reviews are 100% my own}

Now that you know the backstory on my skin and that this review is legit all mine haha Here’s what I really think:

  1. This product is gold.
  2. Some complain about the smell, but honestly, I think it smells fine. Personally, I didn’t really smell anything when I used it.
  3. The texture is really smooth and creamy. Its super rich and goes onto your skin really nicely.
  4. That being said… once you apply it, you need to leave your face alone. Apparently, I rub my face a lot, and I have found that this product kind of rubs off if you don’t just let it be.
  5. Some gals us it morning and night, but I recommend using it at night only. I didn’t find it sat well underneath make up, but when I use it at night, my skin looks really nice the next morning.
  6. It ain’t cheap ya’ll. I’m so thankful that this was a free product because ya’ll know me. I’m not going to drop $50 on a product I don’t know anything about, and that was the case with this one.
  7. Since I would have never purchased this on my own, I’m really grateful to have been a guinea pig product tester. I’m so glad this is in my skin care routine now, and I can definitely see myself purchasing this in the future now that I can visible see the changes it has made to my skin.
  8. Last thing, a little goes a long way. It might be a little pricey, but it lasts a long time. So it’s a definite perk there. I look at it this way. You could spend $10 per mask on anti-aging masks from Sephora… buy 5 of those, and you just spent $50. OR you could buy this 1 product, use it daily, and get great results. It’s all about how you like to spend your money.

Also, here’s a ton of information on the product straight from the Vichy Labs & Influenster ❤


Hope you guys liked my little review, and if you do find yourselves testing out this product, let me know how it goes!

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