What I’m Reading this January

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

I picked this book up in late November of last year, after seeing it all over my Instagram feeds and Pinterest suggestions. Everything I was hearing about this book was positive and amazing, and it just seemed like a really good idea.

Once I purchased the book, it sat on my shelf for a few weeks. I think I knew it was the kind of book that would change my life, so in a way, I needed to mentally prepare for that… it makes sense in my head lol

When we took our mid-December trip to the Bahamas, I packed the book fully intending to read the whole thing on the plane. Well, Netflix downloads happened, and I didn’t start the book until our second day on the beach. But once I started, I couldn’t stop. 6 chapters later, I realized I had a slight sunburn and we headed back inside for the day.

I was right.

This book changed my life. It is packed with so much wisdom and so many helpful things to know about life, relationships, self-care, and just going for it… it’s crazy. Oh!! And it’s an easy read. She writes the way she speaks, so I can almost hear her voice as though she’s speaking directly to me when I read along in my head.

I left the book on my shelf again when we returned from the beach, fully intending to pick it back up during our upcoming Christmas flights. (We travel a lot for the holidays).

I found myself reading bits and pieces, here and there, throughout the end of December, and when January began, I decided I would finish the book this month.

I’m still “finishing it up”, but I’m slowly soaking in every bit of goodness from these pages. This is the kind of book that you buy your friend for her birthday. Yeah. It’s weird to buy a friend a book, haha but it’s that good.

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you’ve read this gem! Also, I’m planning to do a book each month this year, or at least to get more reading in this year. Taking suggestions for one to read next month!

– the Wife

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