A (new) New Years perspective and why I won’t be making resolutions this year

It’s January 1st and I feel unstoppable.

I feel weightless. I feel free.

I feel like I’m already flying, and the journey is just beginning. I guess I should *buckle up for take off* because 2019, I’m here.

For the first time in my life, I’m starting the year without a long list of things I want to change.

I’m so ready for this year and all the seasons it will bring me to. In 2018, I figured out who I am. Not who I once was or the person I want to become… I learned who I am right this very minute, and I learned to like that person. I learned how to actually live in the moment and slow my thoughts down so I could enjoy life one step at a time. This was a major breakthrough for me. I had a lot of those last year.

I’m still recognizing some of the breakthroughs I had last year as I write about the growth and embrace the journey. In a really weird way, midnight on New Year’s Eve felt like crossing the finish line, and I don’t know if I came in first place or last. I just know that I finished my race for 2018, and I’m ready for 2019.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks looking back and reflecting, and on the first day of the year I’m claiming it. This is my year. I’m not looking back, unless it’s to see how far I’ve come. I have my sights set on what’s right in front of me.

Right now. Right here. This is right where I belong. My declaration for the year is to move. And my word is movement. I have always been a dreamer (a realistic dreamer haha). And because I’m so practical and analytical, I always get distracted with the reasons why I can’t ______________. (Fill in the blank)

This year is all about taking chances and making moves. And if I fail, oh well. At least I’ll know I tried.

It’s like the first time I haven’t been afraid to fail, and at first I didn’t know what to do with that, but now I do. I just gotta live. I just gotta keep moving. Even if I’m only taking baby steps, it’s still movement.

So, 2019, I’m here to embrace everything you have for me. I’m ready for all of it. Every. Last. Bit.

⁃ the Wife

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