Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations 🌴☀️

– Don’t think I’m cool; I didn’t make that up. I read it on Pinterest once and it stuck with me. –

So the people say “Hindsight is 20/20,” and I can agree with that. Looking back at my little roadmap of life, I probably could have taken fewer wrong turns and avoided some crashes on the way. Raise your hand if you went to middle school and popped your collar??? (Yeah… you feel me…) What about that guy you dated, yeah the one EVERYONE told you not to date… mhmmm could have avoided that. Or the time (well every time actually) that you did the duckface in a picture… and now you look back for a cute high school pic, and all you can find are dumb pictures of your lips pooched out 😂 classic example of a wrong path.

At times, the journey definitely didn’t seem like it would end up here – me on a beach, happy as a clam. (Like really, genuinely happy… not just Instagram happy)

I think about that roadmap that brought me here, and I wonder which roads I would have avoided. I can call a few by name and even place myself right smack in the middle of some of those poor decisions. (Some are just cringe worthy…) anyways… back to the roadmap!

I’m basically Dora the Explorer, so everything is a trail… just ask Ryan when we go hiking. I hate the regular path. need adventure, new discoveries, and for him not to let me get lost because I wouldn’t do well in a forest overnight… I’m all about the path less traveled.

But, sometimes that can lead to unnecessary heartbreak, unrealistic expectations, too many dreams to chase, and it can lead to this very moment. Now.

They say don’t be like the rest of them, darling.


They say be your own person.


Sometimes, I wonder what they say about this…

As much as I am a planner, I’m also an adventurer. I love organized chaos and fully planned out wanderlust. {you are correct, none of that is a thing}. I love going on an unpredictable last minute trips, making split decisions {with a mom bag packed full of everything we could possibly need because I’m not gonna get stuck without something}.

I can’t choose between being prepared and risking it all. I just can’t. And I don’t.

I choose happiness. I choose adventure. I choose to pretend like I’m super casual about trying new things, and I analayze all the things all the time. And I choose to have all the snacks in case someone gets hungry and we can’t find a vending machine.

My journey has taught me this… stop fitting in the box, and just be the beautiful mess you were meant to be. It’s much more fun this way 👌🏼🥳

Trust me, if we are on an adventure together (or even just a trip to the grocery store), you wanna be in my lane… I have all the things in my mom bag, and I’m not even a mom…

– the Wife

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