Four of My Fall Favorites This Season

Happy Fall, Ya’ll! 

Usually, around this time of year, I become so conflicted with letting go over Summer and fearing the inevitable Winter… and it’s normally halfway through Fall before I even begin to enjoy the crispness in the air, the luxury of wearing a giant floofy sweater, and the precious scent of Pumpkin Spice everything!


Fall, I’ve actually been waiting for you, and I’m so happy you’re here!

In my rather ridiculous attempt at embracing the 6-8 week Fall season, we are blessed with in Canada, I have really pulled out all the stops. Ya’ll… I went sweater shopping in AUGUST!!! Usually, it’s November before I even dare purchase a warm, soft, cozy sweater… So, this is it. I’ve let go of Summer, and I’m fully embracing this next season ❤


Speaking of Seasons, the Hubs and I are entering a new season both related to weather and also related to our careers, marriage, family, etc. It’s kind of great when a new “Life Season” beings around the same time as new “Weather Season”, especially when you are thrilled by both! Maybe, this is why I’m eagerly leaving Summer in past, this year!

I wouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t share some of my Fall Favorites with you, well… I would be, but I still feel like it’s my blogger duty to share anyways lol Here are 4 of my Fall Favorites that I’m enjoying this season:

  1. Fall Colored Nail Polish: But of course! My nails change like the weather, and this season, I’m enjoying natural nails with fun color pops. I usually go year-round with bio-gel or acrylic, so in this season of change, I’m embracing my own nails, as short as they may be, and dressing them up with this adorable polish by Essie!

    The name might have something to do with me liking it so much 😉 Check out the New 2018 Fall Collection of Essie Polish! This one’s called – Mrs. Always Right!

    Mrs. Always Right by Essie
  2. Festive Fall Cookies: Alright, ya’ll. Here’s the deal. As much as I love pretending like I’m some health-nut guru or something of the sorts… These Walmart-made sugar cookies with their high-calorie sugary icing get me every time! And c’mon… those sprinkles! I feel like Fairy Princess Autumn when I walk into a room offering my *Festive Fall Cookies* to people!

    These are great for festivals or having people over! They are easy for class parties and small get-togethers. Look, they even have minis!



  3. Fall Flavored Candles and Coffee: Okay, Confession… This candle is technically not Fall Flavored; in fact, I have no idea what *flavor* it is… but I like it, and it fits the aesthetic I’m going for in my office lol The latte, however, is most definitely Fall Flavored… It’s the ONLY Fall Flavor. You guessed it: PUMPKIN SPICE *with the extra whip* because I was really feeling it that day 😉

    Check out all the Fall Flavors at Starbucks right now!


  4. Floofy Fall Sweaters: All Summer, we wear fitted, sheer, sleeveless everything with a different pair of sandals and strappy heals almost every day. Switching from that to oversize sweaters, big scarves, over the knee boots is something I have enjoyed embracing this year! I blame the few extra pounds I’m rocking recently on those Fall cookies HA! But, nonetheless, my sweater weather days are effortlessly cozy.
    H&M, Gap, and my lovely Sisters at September & Co. get ALL the credit for my style this season. Speaking of those lovely Sisters, I have been shopping their LIVE Feeds this week, and I am TOTALLY set for the rest of Fall! Don’t tell the Hubs, but I’m excitedly awaiting the arrival of a few packages from them in the upcoming weeks!


These are 4 of the things making my Fall a little more festive!

I would LOVE to hear how you are embracing the change of seasons! Please share in the comments below!

– the Wife

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