How to Continue Spiritual Growth while Traveling and Vacationing

Hey there!

Life can be so busy, and that’s for all of us… Not just the moms who are trying to keep tiny humans alive, or the college students who cannot function without gallons of coffee. It’s also true for the super organized, business types and the world-traveling, wanderlusters. Life is just truly so busy these days! I fall into a few of the categories above… The workaholic, world traveling wife who requires intense organizational skills and a few gallons of coffee to function. And you know what else I need to function?


I need Jesus. Period.

Maybe you’ve read my posts on how traveling gives me life and yoga is everything. Trust me, those 2 things keep me going, but what keeps me truly functioning like from within my innermost core being… well, that is Jesus. And what’s so cool about all of my labels is that He somehow plays a role in all of them. For example, yoga is a very spiritual experience. I’ve had this conversation with many people, and I think the reason yoga works so well for me, individually, is because I tap into the spiritual components of it. Same with traveling… I love traveling and seeing all of the beautiful sites and naturally formed creations, and I also really enjoy experiencing the culture and really getting involved in outreach projects whenever we are abroad. In a way, it makes me feel even closer to God because it’s my attempt at being the Hands and Feet of Christ.

Anyways, enough about me and how much I need some Jesus… Here are some really simple and a few more intentional and in-depth ways to get you some Jesus and stay on track spiritually while traveling, vacationing, or just living the crazy busy life that you live.

  1. Sprinkle of JesusThis app makes me really happy. It’s a free iPhone app that sends you little reminders throughout your day that pop up on your phone in the form of a notification. It’s literally like a little sprinkle of Jesus. It’s anything from a Bible Verse to a prayer topic to a Devotional Suggestion. Within the app, there are several resources for weekly, monthly, daily devotionals and readings.
  2. Elevation Church Podcasts
    Elevation is my home church, and I live by the podcasts when I’m traveling.  It’s hard not being able to sit in the same pew week to week and hear the sermons in person every Sunday… but since my Pastor preaches through a screen anyway, it doesn’t bother me one bit to stay in the loop on his sermon series through podcasts when I’m traveling. Now, when I’m in Toronto or Raleigh, I’m all about showing up on a Sunday… but when I’m away, this is the next best thing!
  3. Spotify Playlists
    These playlists are not only good for traveling, but they are great for being at home too. I love the download feature too. I have downloaded multiple hour-long, self-created playlists that have lasted me an entire flight. They have tons of great inspirational and Christian music too! Pretty much everything by Hillsong and Elevation is on there, not to mention all of the other phenomenal Christian artists.
  4. RightNow Media
    Ever heard of Netflix? Well, RightNow Media is basically the Jesus Netflix. It has all of the Veggie Tales series for kids, and it has tons of great options for adults as well! All you need is a steady wifi connection for streaming, and you’re good to go.
  5. Digital DevotionalsOf course, you can google “daily devotionals” when your only recourse is your laptop or a cell phone. But, if you want some suggestions, these are some of my favorites!

    Proverbs 31 Ministries
    She Reads Truth
    Joyce Meyer Ministries
    She Is More

  6. Paperback DevotionalsAnd if you don’t like going digital for your quiet times, these are some great options for paperback devotionals:

    Rise Up, Princess
    My Utmost for His Highest

  7. Community Outreach
    This doesn’t always work when you’re traveling, but if you’re really serious about doing community outreach while abroad, it’s SO easy to get involved! First things first, make sure you know someone personally from whatever organization you volunteer with, totally for safety precautions. Some common ways to serve involve children’s hospitals, soup kitchens, homeless shelters, feeding programs, etc.
  8. Church OnlineAnd now I get to tell you about my church 🙂 Elevation is a Charlotte, NC based church that live streams it’s services to multiple locations (over 10) every Sunday morning. The great thing about Elevation is that you don’t have to live in a city with an extension site. They have an entire online community for church members to tune in to the live stream each Sunday morning!!
  9. Instagram Accounts
    This might sound weird, but trust me on this one. Think about how many “inspirational” accounts you follow. Fitness inspiration, wedding inspiration, decoration inspiration, hair inspiration, makeup inspiration, all of it… even outfit inspiration… Why not go ahead and add a few faith-based inspirations to balance your feed out and pour in some solid Jesus positivity into your daily scroll?! Here are some of the accounts I follow for spiritual inspo:@_megangordon – She’s a personal friend, and I just love all of her Jesus posts!
    @She_Is_More – Phenomenal Online Magazine with GREAT daily inspiration!
    @ElevationChurch – Obviously… They post the best lyrics and quotes!
  10. Pinterest Boards
    Another weird but mighty effective Jesus searching tactic I use is Pinterest. Sometimes, when I only have my phone as a resource and I’m not totally feeling like doing a full-on devotional, I’ll utilize my Pinterest app. I search for things like:Jesus
    Bible Verse

    and I usually find something that soothes my soul and gets me set for the day.

If you’re breathing, then it’s likely that you are living a stress-filled, crazy busy, maybe monotonous daily lifestyle. Start adding some of these things into your daily routine, and I promise you won’t regret it!

– the Wife


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