Summer’s Best Sweet N Salty Snacks

…and just like that BAM! It’s Summer… which means SNACKS!!


All ya’ll other gals out there are like summer fashion, and swimsuit workouts, and I’m over here like the Snack Queen I am just thriving and living my best life with Hershey’s NEW tasty Crunchers!!

*Sidenote, I’m totally digging the Summer fashion too! But a little more now that I have my handiest of handy snacks tucked away in my purse!

Earlier this month, Influenster Canada partnered with Hershey’s and shipped out thousands of complimentary boxes stocked with Hershey’s Crunchers in 2 flavors: Reese’s and Cookies ‘N Creme. Yum!!

The Hubs and I did a thorough testing to determine which flavor we liked best, and if you had a chance to follow our social media stories, we even did a poll to see which one you thought we would pick! Welp, the verdict is out on these bad boys, and our favorite flavor is… *drum roll please*


While the Reese’s were quite delicious, there was just something about the extra crunch on these Cookies ‘N Creme Crunchers! Be sure to stop by your local grocery store or convenience store and snag a bag while they’re still available! Happy snacking!

– the Wife

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