A Few Truth Bombs

Hey guys,
I’m going to be in a webinar tonight with a few of my Toronto friends. It’s called “You in me: Finding where your true Identity, designed Purpose, and real Strength come from.” The segment I’m speaking on is the part about discovering where your designed purpose comes from.
I’m really excited to talk about this because I remember getting really stuck trying to figure out my purpose and calling, and there are even times now when I have that “oh my gosh, am I doing this right?” moment. Life isn’t something that is “done right”. It’s something that is done well, or not so well… (Matthew 25:23 – He doesn’t say you did it right… He says “well done.”)
I always thought it was about getting it right though. My dad can tell you… we spent hours upon hours trying to figure out what I was supposed to do with my life, and I was plagued with the fear that I would get it wrong. I hope to shed a little light for any of you who are in that spot. Tonight at 7:30pm, we’ll be doing a live webinar on youtube. If that’s not a good time for you, feel free to save the link and watch it later.
I’ve been finalizing my notes today in prep for the session, and one of my key points talks about how we have a purpose, that we are here on purpose, and that God knows our name. The fact that the statement “God knows your name” didn’t blow my mind the first time I heard it… kinda makes me want to kick myself… but now that I really know what that means, my mind is constantly blown. Like, me. Little ole me… God knows my name. When I say that out loud, I can’t help but laugh because that’s it. Like, game over… I win, He knows my name. I’m good… I don’t need anything else. Like God… you know.. GOD.. yeah, He knows my name.
Just had to share, not sure if this makes any sense or gives anyone else the silly giggles like it does for me… I just think its so cool that on a planet where there are so many ridiculously significant people, that God makes time to know my name. (and He even spells it right…) If He takes the time to know my name, then surely He thought I was significant enough for a purpose. Same goes for you… You would not be here if He didn’t want you woven into the fabric of today and tomorrow.
Also, little truth bomb for ya:
“Today, you are living yesterday’s future.”
So stop being so worried about the future and do what needs to be done today, because every day is part of another day’s future… don’t waste it. Anyways, see you guys tonight!
– the Wife

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