A list of uncommon lessons I learned from my mother

In honor of Mother’s Day and loving that I got it from my mama, I’d like to share some of the less common lessons I’ve learned from Laura Beth over the years. She has imparted an abundance of wisdom, witty sayings, and important life tools that have gotten me this far. You may have heard me say one of these before, but sit back, relax, and enjoy 🙂 The wisdom of a mother stays with you forever.

1. Don’t tell little girls they’re pretty.

Our society is obsessed with pretty things and pretty people, and we all want to be a part of a pretty life. But pretty is, as pretty does, so instead of telling her she’s pretty, let her become pretty. Tell her something else.

2. Tell them they’re smart.

Awwww you’re so pretty. This is the go-to compliment for little girls, but why? They’re really smart, creative, compassionate, athletic, etc. Tell them that. Everyone else likely tells them they are pretty all the time, so tell them something different. Tell them something that matters.

3. You can’t fix stupid.

I’m sure I’ve shared this one before. It’s a key piece of advice that has been passed through the women in my family for generations. Great-grandmother told grandmother, who told mother, who later also told me, and you’d be a fool to think I won’t be passing this information along to my daughter.

4. Watch out for a full moon.

We are deeply religious people, not superstitious at all… but momma has always had a thing for full moons. If ever I were to go out on a date on a night with a full moon, she was sure to remind me of the spark that was destined for the evening. I still look up at the sky at night to confirm if it will be a memorable night or not.

5. Loyalty matters most.

You can make more money, you can fix your face, you can get a better education, but can hardly ever rebuild something once loyalty has been broken. Trust and loyalty are a solid foundation for any relationship, and my mother created her life around both values, teaching me to do the same.

6. A pump of dish soap will clean out a dirty mouth.

Also, this is a completely reasonable way to discipline a sassy child… I plead the fifth on how many times I experienced this phenomenal form of child-rearing lol I also plead the fifth on if it works… and moving on…

7. Harry Connick Jr. is life.

We spent countless nights watching the movie Hope Floats, which of course, stars this glorious actor and my other favorite, Sandra Bullock. The relevance of this fact (and yes, it’s a fact because you just don’t question momma on these things), but the relevance is quite significant. Watch the movie and tell me he isn’t a 10.

8. It’s okay to quit.

Momma didn’t raise no quitter… but she did raise someone who knows when to walk away. She taught us to be all in, or all out. You don’t do things halfway, so if you’re not going to do your best, then don’t waste your time or the time of others. Also, don’t be a pushover… If someone is wasting your time, don’t let them.

9. You always change flowers on the grave of a loved one.

Personally, I thought this was common knowledge, but over the years, I’ve learned that this isn’t the norm for a lot of people. Growing up, we would go to the Carolina Pottery, pick out some beautiful flowers, and take them to my great grandmother’s grave. Now, we do the same for my grandmother. It’s just kind of a thing we do, but I can’t imagine not doing that for the people you love.

10. Put me in a home.

Now this one always gets me! As you grow older and plan for the future, the cycle of life tells you that aging changes the role of mothers and daughters, specifically the role of the caregiver. Mom and I have had extensive talks about what this will look like when we are older, and she insists that I put her in a home, and I quote: “I mean, make it a nice one, but don’t move me in with you.” I still think this is the funniest thing, but I get it. She’s ridiculously selfless and would never ask me to move her into my house when she’s an old granny lol but I would rather die than put her in a home… so instead, I plan to make her a little bungalow our property (in our future, currently imaginary, home).

These are some of the uncommon things my mother has said to me over the years. She also taught me all of the traditional things like do unto others how you would have them do unto you, and don’t go outside with your hair wet. Hope you enjoyed this post, and if your momma is around, be sure to give her a hug today.

Mom, I’m sending you air hugs from 800 miles away because you also taught me that still counts when you’re trying to build your family in another country ❤ Thanks for supporting that. Love you!

– the Wife

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