Wearing RED on February 2 to Support Women & Start the Conversation About Heart Health

Good morning, Beautiful!

If February were a color, naturally it would be red or pink. Because of VALENTINE’S DAY!! YEAHH!!! But, today, we are wearing RED for a totally different reason! February is also known across the nation as American Heart Month. All month, those in specialized fields with cardiology, those who have possibly had a heart scare, or a friend or family member who has lost someone due to heart disease or stroke will be raising awareness and support/funding for more research and available resources for our heart health.

Go Red  For Women

This is a hugely successful, annual campaign to raise awareness and financial support for heart health in women. Click the link above to learn more about your risks, how you can know that you have a healthy heart, and what you can do to help others who may be at risk. If you haven’t already picked out your outfit for the day… throw on some RED and show your support for the women (and of course men, too!) who are facing heart health difficulties!

Quick Q&A:

“Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of women, causing 1 in 3 deaths each year. That’s approximately one woman every minute!” – goredforwomen.org 

How do you check your heart health?

  • Schedule an appointment with your family doctor, and tell them you are ready to get serious about heart health. It’s important to do annual check-ups to maintain your understanding of your heart health.

What are the best ways to promote a healthy heart?

  • Know your family history and act accordingly.
  • Routine checkups at the doctor
  • Living a healthy lifestyle (and this doesn’t mean yo-yo dieting!!!)
  • Maintaining an active lifestyle

I’m only 26, does this even apply to me yet?

  • Me too, girl…. and YES! Heart health begins the moment your heart begins to develop, even before you are born!!
  • Early prevention is the key to protecting your heart. This is such an easy metaphor for the Bible Verse about guarding your heart…
  • Even if you have zero family history of heart disease or issues, you are not just automatically exempt. Take action now. Educate yourself. Care for your heart the way you care for your eyebrows… except more because you only have 1 and it doesn’t grow back!!
  • Also… your heart, being a muscle and all, can be strengthened with simple exercises. I hear in my yoga classes all the time how some of our stretches are massaging our heart. Something as simple as a little stretch can promote a healthy heart.

As I’m wrapping up, I have to share a quote that I just saw while scrolling Facebook: “Follow your heart, but take your brain with you.” Heart health is all about making smart choices and taking practical steps to utilize your resources and promote a lifestyle that best protects you from the potential risk of heart disease or failure. Use your brain and go get that check up!!

– the Wife

One thought on “Wearing RED on February 2 to Support Women & Start the Conversation About Heart Health

  1. Thanks again for your message. Just had my heart checked and it is ticking. You inspired me to start yoga at my age and just love it.🧘‍♀️

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