When “Your Babies” Don’t Need Saving

I used to go to Nicaragua, and I would want to bring all the babies home. And when I say babies I’m talking from infant to 17 years olds. I’m not biased. I love them all. Even the little old ladies who give the sweetest hugs. I’ll bring them home too!

What has comforted my soul the most on this trip is being able to leave knowing “my babies” are being taken care of by their own parents. I met some of their parents, and while not all of them are in good places, a lot of them are. The ones who I was the most concerned about and ready to start signing papers for ended up having some of the best parents out there.

The girls my family sponsors are adopted by a phenomenal woman. I still haven’t met her yet, but I only hear good things. And Junior…. heavens… Junior is about the closest I’ve ever come to trying to adopt a child. But his mom is an angel. He already has a parent who cares for him. He doesn’t need me.

There are a few kids there who I am really burdened over, and it’s the type of situation where our hands are tied. Legally, it looks good, so the only thing you can do is pray. I may share more about that later if I feel it’s appropriate and it won’t hurt them. These are the babies I wish I could bring home who honestly need to be rescued, but I keep hearing God say, “No.” I don’t like it, but I trust He knows what He’s doing. After all, He did create them.


⁃ the Wife

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