Chin Up Princess, Never Look Down

My entire life, I have walked around looking down, not down on others, but down on myself. I have often felt I wasn’t worth looking up, and therefore, I didn’t make the effort. Maybe this is why I’m a shoe girl… I have certainly spent enough time looking at the tops of mine. This isn’t a pity me post. It’s not an “aw the pretty girl gets insecure post.” It’s a reminder to all the women, girls, men, boys, and everyone to keep your chin up. Your beautiful face deserves to be seen, and no matter what you’ve done, you deserve to walk in confidence.

When we look down, our shoulders slump. Our posture sucks, and we give off those “I’m not sure what I’m doing vibes.” Exhibit A:

When we look forward, our shoulders point in the direction we are going. We are more capable of moving on and taking steps forward. Exhibit B:

And when we look the world straight on, we tell the universe and anyone who challenges us that we got this. Don’t mess with us, because we already know our worth. Exhibit C:

Now from time to time, I still stare at my shoelaces, but I’ve started making mental notes to pull the chin back up. Even if I’m not feeling confident, I can project confidence and attract positive people just by the way I carry myself. Hang in there guys, just a few more days until our 2018 restart ❤

My words of love to you today are this. Don’t ever let someone devalue your worth. No one is allowed to have that power over you, and it’s up to you to make sure you revoke and all authority that makes you feel less than who you are as a human. It’s time to be our best selves.

– the Wife

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