So Much COMPASSION: 25 Days of the Christmas That Just Keeps Giving

Ya’ll… my heart is FULL! The last 2 days have been filled with an overabundance of compassion and compassion opportunities! It is unreal! I didn’t get a chance to share yesterday’s compassion story with you all since I was working, packing, and trying to remain calm lol but I have a few minutes between flights, and I’m here to share Day 7 and 8 of the 25 Days of Compassion.


First, there was the free coffee for 2 at Tim Horton’s. *Sigh* Coffee is most definitely the way to my heart, and free coffee… man, that’s a total game changer! Our local Tim’s gave away free lattes all morning, and we were lucky enough to get in on that action! Also, sidebar on the compassion…. the lady who works the drive-thru at this particular location is the epitome of JOY. She has holiday cheer around the clock and through all the seasons! She’s just so sweet, every single morning!


Then, there was the office Christmas Party yesterday. Ya’ll my workplace is awesome. I am privileged to work in a Christian environment, and not that I wouldn’t be a priviledge to work somewhere else in a secular setting, it’s just such a huge blessing when working alongside like-minded individuals. With that being said, the Christmas spirit is strong with this group! Like…. really strong! We did a Christmas gift exchange, and everyone was so generous and good to each other! Then, our office presented gifts to each and every single person in the office, really really going over and above spreading tons of Christmas joy and generosity.


After that, my mind went straight into packing mode, but it wasn’t quite time for that yet because student after student stopped by my office with multiple loads of donations and gifts to take down on our trip to Nicaragua this week. I was not prepared for all of these acts of compassion! Honestly, I had been personally freaking out a bit that we didn’t have a lot to take, but then the students really came through with some super nice gifts. Several students connected with me in hallways and elevators offering support and prayer over the trip too! SO much love from these guys!


Now, having already had 3 compassion moments today, I felt maxed out on receiving, and that was until my INCREDIBLY generous Father-in-law called and offered to fund the cost of checking a 3rd bag for travel and filling it with toys, candy, and more gifts for the kids in Nicaragua. Ya’ll. He filled the ENTIRE bag! Like enough to bless hundreds of children. My heart literally was bursting with joy! So much compassion and just at the right moment.


So mind you, I had previously been freaking out about not having enough… and now I had far more than I could pack on my own. So for the final Compassion act of the day, that sweet Hubs of mine stepped in big time last night and found a way to fit EVERY SINGLE ITEM in 3 bags, and they were all 1 pound underweight! I don’t know how he does it! He has stepped in so many times this past week and made life so much easier with helping around the house, packing my luggage, and being truly present through all of my little anxiety moments. So grateful!


This brings us to today’s Compassion moments which were all pretty much via conversation. Today has brought me a few incredible encounters with complete strangers. First off, this is not normal. I am a stranger danger kind of girl. I do not generally talk to people I don’t know. It makes me incredibly uncomfortable speaking to people in airports, and I barely (like 1% of the time) offer up any accurate information about myself when having small talk conversations… Like, my name usually changes to Penelope or Ryan lol I’m just a super safety stickler in public, and especially in airports.

Well, today had something different in store for me, and I should have known it would since I am wearing my Feed the 5000 sweatshirt which literally screams “Hi, come speak to me!!!” I have had about 5 opportunities to share about the work WMO and Feed the 5000 is doing in Nicaragua. 2 of those individuals are looking to get involved now, and this is huge considering the need that is present in Nicaragua at this time. Just truly, genuinely compassionate people wanting to know more about the good things going on in the world and how to be a part of them.

I keep asking myself why God gave me this life… I am so blessed. Keep being compassion, guys. It’s a good look on you 🙂

– the Wife

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