25 Days of Compassion: A Christmas Season of Being on the Nice List

Hello, World… Glad to see that some of you are in the spirit of Christmas and Holiday Cheer! I have LOVED seeing all of the Christmas tree posts on Instagram, and the silly Santa jammies on Facebook! Ya’ll are a hoot! I was a little slow to the Christmas Season this year… I always am as I like to fully submerge myself in Thanksgiving bliss before stepping into the land of Candy Canes and Peppermint delights!


This is my Christmas tree. Isn’t it cute?! We travel from December 8 – January something… So this is pretty much as good as it’s gonna get this year 😉 


This morning, I thought I was ready. I went to Starbucks, got my Christmas drink, and I started brainstorming on what our 25 days of Christmas would be about here on the blog. I thought I was in that same spirit of Jolly Cheerfulness, until I was attacked by a bunch of grannies (no offense to grannies… I love grannies…) But seriously! It was like they were out to get me! Somebody’s granny pushed me in line at the supermarket, and then another person’s granny cut me off in the parking lot. Right about the time I was about to give up on grannies and having holiday cheer, someone else stepped in and offered a helping hand when mine were full. They offered compassion.

On my drive into work, I had decided we would do 25 days of Winter Festivities, and I would blog about all the fun things everyone is doing this season. I mean, it’s easy to blog about that stuff. It’s kind of a cheap post. You throw on a Santa hat and BOOM! Festive things begin happening. But, this simple act of kindness reminded me that we don’t need 25 days of Winter Festivities. They are going to happen without me blogging about them. What we need is:

25 Days of Compassion

During the month of December, I’m going to share 25 stories of compassion.

In an effort to spread Christmas cheer better, I hope you will keep an eye our for compassion opportunities. And I’m not just talking about things that involved money… like paying for the guy behind you at Starbucks, and donating $1 to charity when you check out at the store. Give compassion to a person by interacting with them. This morning, I was walking into work with my hands full, barely able to push up on the elevator. I was doing it. I mean, I was making it work, but my co-worker offered a helping hand anyways. She knew I was capable of carrying it all, but she still offered help because it would make my life a little easier for about 5 minutes. It was compassion. Completely selfless, easy compassion. This is what our world needs right now.

So this will count as our first day of compassion – Jovi offering a helping hand. 

I’m excited to see what this month will show me in terms of compassion. I am surrounded by some pretty phenomenal people, so it’s inevitable that I will have something to write about each and every day. I challenge you to look for compassion throughout your day, see the good that others are doing, and share about it in the comments, on your personal pages, and in real life conversations with those around you. Also, be the compassion. Be good to people for no other reason than just doing it. Don’t get so caught up in your routine or your stressful schedule that you forget the other beings walking around are also humans. They are people too. They don’t deserve to be pushed or looked over or cut off in traffic (granny…). They deserve to be seen, heard, and helped.

Also, fun fact: December in terms of yogi world is the month for Compassion. I learned this last night in my last essential oils yoga workshop class for November. Our instructor for that class will be teaching on Compassion every Thursday at 7:15pm during a 1-hour yoga class at ZenFit Studio in Toronto. I’d love to see you there for our first session on this topic next week!

– the Wife


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