Happy Pumpkin’ Day, You Little Monsters

Hello!! So today is full of tricks and treats, and I just wanted to take a few minutes share a couple of tips on how to stay safe this Halloween!

  1. Stranger Danger

    Ya’ll… I don’t know who even came up with the brilliant idea to dress up our precious babies in weird little costumes and tell them to go get some candy from a bunch of strange adults also dressed up in weird costumes. But not just this, to do it and completely expect nothing bad to happen. I try to assume the best with people and hope that this idea came about when things were simpler and times were different.

    Not bashing the idea, just re-thinking the logistics of this whole thing. Anyways, if you’re kids trick or treat, remind them that Stranger Danger is still a thing. Personal space is still relevant, and tell them that NEVER under any circumstances should they EVER go into a stranger’s home. EVER!!!

  2. Participate Together

    When I was in my “trick or treating” years, I lived out in the middle of nowhere, and it would have taken hours to reach like 10 houses to get a little candy. This was a hard pass for younger me….. I was not about to put in all that effort for some snacks when I knew my mom would fill my candy basket if I asked nicely šŸ˜‰

    That being said… I know of a ton of kids who are enjoying the fun door-to-door trick or treating. My advice, go with them! Dress up with them! Make it a family affair, keeping it fun AND safe by being present.

  3. Stay Home

    I’m not trying to be a party pooper here, but if you don’t believe in Halloween or honestly have personal convictions about the whole thing, stay home. Don’t participate. Stick to your beliefs, and do you!! I’m being real here. I don’t have kids yet, so I don’t know if mine will trick or treat. Also, I have mixed feelings on the whole thing. I think it could be super fun, but at the same time, like what are we celebrating??

    Anyways, you do you. Don’t be ashamed of your beliefs.

  4. Slow Down

    This is relevant to everyone reading this blog. Whether you participate or not, you need to slow down. When driving, be aware that more children will be out than normal, and people won’t be paying attention because CANDY!!! Also, if you’re walking around, slow it down and be aware of the cars, the kids, the everything that’s moving around you. Better to play it safe than to get squished.

This next list is for my college readers and young adults…

  1. Keep it Covered

    Ya’ll, I am not a prude by any means, but I literally cringe at the instaĀ photos the day after Halloween, and it’s not because they were too scary… Well, on second thought… they are kinda scary.

    October 31st is not your 1 day of the year to show off all your goodies! Dress up and have fun, if that’s your thing, but do not ruin your reputation because you decided to frolick around half-naked (and that’s beingĀ generous) on Halloween.

  2. Be Smart

    Don’t do anything today that you will regret tomorrow, or in 3-5 when you are applying for a job in a really prestigiousĀ firm, and they search your social media accounts to find your Halloween pics from 2017 where you are wearing God knows what and showing off things only you should know are there. Have fun, be safe, dress silly, butĀ be smart.

  3. Avoid ConfrontationĀ (and things that make it worse)

    It’s 2017. We are living in a society that is very charged up right now, and that’s honestly just the best way I know how to say it. On Halloween, people (not any particular group or type, just people in general) tend to be a little more bold and free with their words and their actions. The best way to avoid confrontation is to be mindful and aware of your surroundings.

    Also, a lot of liquid courage comes into play on Halloween, so just be careful. Know that some of the people around you may not be on the same coherent level as you, and keep that in mind when deciding whether or not to engage in a confrontation. I just kinda say to avoid it altogether and be really careful with where you put yourself.

That’s all I have for you today. I hope that you have an awesome day and that you are careful and smart if you choose to participate in any Halloween festivities! Also, if you aren’t participating, still make a conscious decision and effort to be safe!

– the Wife


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