Momma Knox Shout Out

Gahhhh, she’s a hugger…. Haha I’m totally not joking! Momma gots the feels and loves loving on us, as evidenced in the photo above ❤ 

Okay ya’ll, this woman turned 51 exactly one month ago today. That’s right, I said 51. The woman is 51 years old, and she looks like she has never aged a day over 30! Can we all just take a moment to admire how aesthetically perfect her beautiful face, body, and soul are in this photo?!


Now, I know we all think we have the best momma in the world, but unless your momma’s name is Laura Beth Knox, well, Honey, I’m sorry, but you may just have the second best momma in the world.

She is truly one rockstar of a human being.

Her leadership skills have caused her to be called things like Bossy and the Queen Bee, and you know what? She owned it. She said, Thank you. She said Sorry if it bothers you that I have such good ideas. She said, You can watch or you can lead. And then, she mentored multiple classes of young women, empowering them, and teaching them how to lead with their best foot, to love themselves, and to serve others with a humble heart.

Her servant’s heart is undeniably one of my favorite things about her. She leads by example. She’s a do, don’t speak kind of person. What I mean here is that she gets things done instead of just talking about them. You tell her you have a plan, and she’s the one who puts that plan into motion. She has bent over backward for hundreds of young women in an effort to grow and nurture them into the absolute best versions of themselves.

So here’s a happy 51 years and 1 month to my beautiful, smart, talented, and just downright phenomenal momma. May you slay another 51 years ❤

– the Wife

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