How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Hawaii Vacation

Hey guys! We just got back from a 6 day trip to Paradise, and we wanted to share with you how to maximize your next vacation to Hawaii! These were some of the things we did while on our trip, and we would encourage you to check them out if you’re traveling to the beautiful Hawaiian islands in the near future!

We broke it into different days to help maximize your time. So we did all of our East Coast Adventures on the same day and hit up Waikiki stuff on a different day. We split the North Shore and Waimea up into 2 days even though they are in the same general area. There was just so much to do, we couldn’t possibly allow only 1 day for that!

Waikiki/Honolulu Day: 

Waikiki Beach + Diamond Head + International Marketplace

Swimming at Waikiki Beach
Diamond Head is an iconic landmark that you can view from the Waikiki Beaches!
Just a casual snapshot while walking down the streets of Honolulu.
and when you don’t know what else to do…. there’s always shopping!

Honolulu, being the capital of Hawaii, is a major tourist city. That being said, you can probably eat or shop at any of the major national chains that you would find in any of the other States. But…. why??? Go local instead.

Bliss Boutique Hawaii is one of my favorite local shops in Honolulu!
Also, coconut water all day every day is a major must!!!


Waimea Day: 

Waimea Falls + Waimea Bay & Beach + Sunset Beach

The hike to the falls may have been the best part. It was filled with exotic birds and plants from all over the world.
Waimea Falls, absolutely stunning!
This is my “I’m super geeked to be standing in a waterfall” face!
the Hubs was equally as geeked
And there’s a reason they call it Sunset Beach…
This is truly the best place in the world to be standing at sunset.

East Coast Day:

Sandy Beach + Lanikai Beach & Lookout + Hanauma Bay

Overlooking the Blowhole


This was also overlooking the blowhole.
Technically, this is a closed beach, and trespassers are frowned upon…
But the view is just absolutely phenomenal from the beach!
Snorkeling in Hanauma Bay is like a right of passage! You must do this at least once in your life!
Views for days!!!

North Shore:

The Famous Turtles + Haleiwa

The turtles on this beach have been coming here for over 50 years! I have a friend who saw them 15 years ago. They are super protected and have around-the-clock security.
Ryan and I met this little guy once when we were dating, again when we were engaged, and now once again as a married couple!
Haleiwa Beach will literally take your breath away.
There’s nothing quite like fresh coconut milk…

All the Eats

These are some of the different restaurants we checked out during our trip. The food is incredible, especially if you like seafood and/or sushi! Also, smoothies and fresh fruit juices are a MUST when vacationing in Hawaii!

Unpictured Dinner Spots: PF Changs, Herringbone, and Kona Grill

Unpictured Lunch Spot: Buzz’s Grill (East Coast)

Kua Aina Sandwich Shop: the Hubs’ family goes here every time they hit up the North Shore, so it was kind of like tradition!


Waikiki Food Trucks: This was my first ever food truck experience… Yes, I know, I’m really late to the game here… But it was worth the wait! These were fantastic!


Food trucks, ya’ll… Food trucks made these. Specifically the Fisherman’s Tacos food truck
I’m not even ashamed that we ate here 3 times during the trip! It was worth every bite!

Glace Gelato is honestly comparable to Venice Gelato…. We may have gone there a few times while on our trip!

Chocolate Almond Nutella Gelato

Eggs n Things is where it’s at for brunch! We ate here 4 times.

Banana Pancakes and an Acai Bowl = the start to a perfect day!

Hotel Accommodations

Trump International Hotel Waikiki

We have stayed in a few other hotels while visiting in Hawaii, and I must say, this was one of the best experiences we’ve had here! The customer service truly does not compare to anywhere else. The rooms were great, and the views were phenomenal! (but then again… it’s Hawaii…. aren’t all the views spectacular?!)

Walking up to the entrance of the hotel…
the Hubs enjoying the infinity pool that overlooks Waikiki Beach
Just some pretty scenery by the pool!
On our last day, we spoiled ourselves and ordered room service for breakfast, and we weren’t sorry!
This gorgeous view was how we woke up every morning, with a balcony view of the beach! This was also the perfect spot for my morning yoga sessions…
Exhibit A: Yoga on balcony lol

And last but absolutely never least…. I have to admit that I would be lost without some essential September & Co. pieces for my beach wardrobe. Even in the Fall and Winter months, they come in clutch with a few getaway pieces like this adorable blue romper! It was perfect to throw on over a swimsuit when heading to the beach. And ya’ll…. I am super picky over my rompers. They usually tug and pull in all the wrong places, but this one is not like that at all. They have a few more in black available here! Such an essential piece for your vacation wardrobe!


Just rompin’ around town 😉

So, that’s it! Our trip to Hawaii all summed up! If you are heading that way soon, we would love to follow your journey and “like” all of your pics on social media! It truly is like a piece of heaven all wrapped up into a few islands out in the Pacific. *sigh* Can we go back already?

– the Wife


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